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Organizing Quick Tips – “From Piles to Files”

Here’s are a few useful quick-tips to avoid those piles in your work area

  1. Keep only those items on your desk that you use every day – stapler, calculator, phone, pencil holder, etc.
  2. The less often you use an item, the further from your desktop it should be stored.
  3. Keep personal items in one area. Then, move everything back an inch to increase workspace.

Pretty useful, don’t you think? Though it may seem like pure common sense, it’s certainly something that I could apply more often, and probably will now that I’ve read that.

That is the “Tip of the Week,” from the website of “Piles to Files,” a consulting outfit aiming to help companies improve their organization. You can find the company online at

Though I haven’t used this firm myself, it appears to be a useful resource if you are willing to spend some money for some quality information to make your business more efficient. The company covers topics such as:

Organizing Paperwork
Managing Time
Personal Coaching
Home-based Business, Home Office Consulting
Seminars and Workshops

In the words of Piles to Files, “Break Free From the Clutter!”