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Support breast cancer awareness with 3 ring binders, yearly calenders & more!

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month draws to a close, I think the thing I will miss the most is the fun spectacle of the NFL’s Pink Ribbon Promotion. So before we officially say goodbye to October, I’m going to post this picture of some burly football player in pretty pink cleats.

You’re welcome. You know, you don’t have to be Reggie Bush to support breast cancer awareness. Show your support for breast cancer charities and research organizations year round with pink ribbon products made just for the office. On Time Supplies has a ton pink ribbon office product selections, including breast cancer awareness office supplies that help your organize your documents and manage your time.

Samsil 3 Ring Binders – Use Samsil’s breast cancer awareness 3 ring binder to organize your reference documents. Or you can use them as presentation binders – just slip your own custom cover in the clear front pocket. Samsil donates 10¢ to City of Hope to support breast cancer for every pink ribbon 3 ring binder sold.

AT A GLANCE Yearly Calendar – You’ve got to get a new calendar for year 2011 anyway, so why not pick up a pink ribbon calendar and support breast cancer research while you’re at it? AT A GLANCE has raised more than half a million dollars for  City of Hope with their pink ribbon planners and calendars. I like this AT A GLANCE yearly calendar in particular because it offer blank calendar days for jotting down quick notes for daily planning.

AT A GLANCE Day Planner – Of course, a day planner is nice for daily planning too! On Time Supplies has breast cancer awareness AT A GLANCE daily planners with tabbed monthly sections for long range planning and time management. Those of us who aren’t die hard pink lovers will really like this AT A GLANCE day planner – there’s only one small pink ribbon on the cover, so you can still help AT A GLANCE raise money for City of Hope without shouting it from the rooftops.

Quality Park Business Envelope – Let you clients and business colleagues know that you support the ribbon cause with Quality Park business envelopes. With just one pink ribbon the flap, the envelopes are tasteful enough for business correspondence. Quality Park also makes a donation to City of Hope with every box of business envelopes sold.

Take advantage of the wholesale office supply prices at On Time Supplies to get your breast cancer awareness office product at a great price. Or try your luck at winning a whole set of pink ribbon office supplies for free. The Pink Ribbon Giveaway doesn’t end until Friday, so you still have a chance to tweet your way to free office supplies and help On Time Supplies do a little Breast Cancer Awareness Month fund raising of its own! On Time Supplies will make a donation to Living Beyond Breast Cancer for every contest entry. But hurry, the clock is ticking on the Pink Ribbon Giveaway!

Pink Ribbon Giveaway makes the Wall Street Journal!

On Time Supplies is doing good and getting noticed! The Pink Ribbon Giveaway, our Breast Cancer Awareness Month charity drive and giveaway is featured in the Wall Street Journal:

OnTimeSupplies LLC, an online office-supply retailer, launched an initiative earlier this month in which it promises to donate 25 cents to a breast-cancer charity every time someone posts an update on Facebook or Twitter mentioning it. “We’ve always depended a lot on word of mouth… whether it’s people trading stories in the cafeteria or on Facebook,” says Miles Young, chief executive and co-founder of the Atlanta firm.

Enter the Pink Ribbon Giveaway to  get a chance to win free pink ribbon office supplies and you’ll raise money for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a fantastic national education and support organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of women diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ll announce the Pink Ribbon Giveaway winner next Friday, October 29 right here at Office Ink! Good luck and thanks for helping us raise money for LBBC!

Smart Office Now Office Ink

Smart Office is now Office Ink. We’ve also given the blog a new look. So what’s up with the overhaul? I think I should answer those question with Office Ink’s first listicle!

Top 5 Reasons we gave the On Time Supplies office supplies blog a makeover and renamed it Office Ink:

  1. We love puns! Office Ink / Office Inc. Geddit?
  2. Office Ink reflects our focus on everyday work and office life. We’ll continue to post expert advice on going green and organizing your office, trends and tips in office design, discounts from On Time Supplies and chances to win free office supplies.
  3. We wanted to make it easier to find On Time Supplies on Twitter and Facebook and to subscribe to the office supplies blog. Get a load of the big shiny buttons on your right!
  4. We wanted to make it easier to find blog posts on the the topics that interest you the most. So, if you loved the post with the $50 Dymo coupon, you’ll find new links to other free and discount office supplies.
  5. Everyone needs a new fall look!

Let us know what you think of the changes to the blog – what you dig and what you don’t! Office Ink aims to please!

The Pink Wishbone Project – Cool Chair Cushions Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Charity

On Time Supplies isn’t the only retailer raising money for a breast cancer charity during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. SUITE New York is doing its part with the Pink Wishbone Project. The fancy New York furniture store asked twenty of the world’s top female interior designers to design seat cushions for Hans Wegner’s legendary Wishbone chair. The cushions will be auctioned off at the end of the month with 100% of the proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The designers all submitted awesomely cool and arty cushions. Though I don’t know how comfortable some of the cushions would be to sit on, but they sure do look amazing! I covet them all!

The nice thing about National Breast Cancer Month is that so many people from so many walks of life unite under the banner of a great cause! On Time Supplies is happy to do it’s part with the Pink Ribbon Giveaway. Enter the Pink Ribbon Giveaway and you could win a complete set of pink ribbon office supplies. Best of all, On Time Supplies donate to Living Beyond Breast Cancer for each contest entry! Basically, you tweet and we donate!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink Ribbon Giveaway – You Enter, We Donate!

Time for another office supplies giveaway from On Time Supplies! On Time Supplies is celebrating National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a Pink Ribbon Giveaway! Enter for your chance to win a complete set of Pink Ribbon office supplies. You don’t just get a chance to win free office supplies when you enter the Pink Ribbon Giveaway. On Time Supplies will donate $.25 to Living Beyond Breast Cancer for every unique, valid contest entry! LBBC is a national education and support organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of women diagnosed with breast cancer. On Time Supplies is proud to help support the LBBC mission!

On Time Supplies carries a ton of Pink Ribbon products from Avery, At-A-GLANCE and  your other favorite office supply brands. Every time you purchase Pink Ribbon products from On Time Supplies, you’re making a donation to City of Hope, National Breast Cancer Research Foundation and other fantastic breast cancer organizations and charities. So celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with On Time Supplies and enter the Pink Ribbon Products Giveaway! You get a chance to win great office supplies and support a fantastic organization!

How to enter the Pink Ribbon Giveaway

1) Copy this message

I want to win free Pink Ribbon Products & celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month with On Time Supplies!
(url must be included)

2) Pick your network & post!

3) Tell all your friends!

On Time Supplies is donating $0.25 for every tweet, facebook and blog post comment, so tell your friends about and spread the word!

As  usual, I’ll announce the giveaway winner here at Office Ink. Check in October 29th to find out if you won a complete set of Pink Ribbon office supplies. Now, start commenting and tweeting to raise money for LBBC and get your chance at a free Pink Ribbon Products!

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Shipping and Address Labels

Environmentally Friendly Avery Shipping and Mailing Labels at On Time Supplies

Going green is all about making informed choices. You probably don’t think much about your office’s shipping and address labels until you run out. While there’s nothing really wrong with just grabbing the cheapest labels you find, you can go green and save money if you put a little thought into your purchase. On Time Supplies offers a variety of discount Avery labels that up the green quotient of any office! Avery starts with the packaging. All Avery shipping and address labels are packaged in recyclable boxes to help you reduce waste in your office. Furthermore, some Avery labels offer even more eco-friendly innovations.

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