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2012 Back to School Give-Away Winner

First, we have to give a big thank you to Avery! They donated $500 in free school supplies to make this the biggest give-away in history! And thanks to all the teachers and parents who entered the Back to School Give-Away on Facebook, Twitter and here at the blog.

Ok, now for the part you’re all waiting for. The winner of the Back to School Give-Away & more than $500 in free school supplies is…

Jami Hamel Dela Cerda!

Congratulations, Jami! Everyone else, take heart. We’ve got another massive give-away coming up next month. Stay tuned for another chance to win free stuff from

School Supply Checklist


Don’t want to to take your chances on winning the  Back to School Give-Away? Use this school supply checklist to get everything your kids need for the new school year.

Elementary School Supplies

Basic school supplies for early learners:

 Pencils  Crayons
 Pencil-top erasers  Washable markers
 Scissors  Watercolor paints
 Ruler  Sketch pad
 Pocket folders  Glue sticks
 Notebook   Supply box

Middle School Supplies

Middle school students need the same supplies as younger kids, plus:

 3 Ring Binders  Colored pencils
 Wide-ruled notebook paper  Dictionary
 Index Tabs  Calculator
 Spiral notebooks  Assignment notebook
Erasable Pens
source: Chicago Public Schools has everything you need, and at bargain prices to boot! Plus, they ship everything the same day, so your school supplies will arrive in just a day or two.

Tip: use Post-it Notes to clean your keyboard.

Martha Stewart is a genius. I saw this tip at Real Simple and just had to try it out. The results are in: if you don’t have a can of compressed air on hand, you can totally use sticky notes to clean your computer keyboard.

Step 1: Fold up the sticky part of the Post-it Note.

Post-it Note Keyboard Cleaner, Step 1

Step 2: Slide the sticky portion between your keyboard keys.

Post-it Note Keyboard Cleaner, Step 2

Step 3: Get grossed out by all the debris hiding in your keyboard.

Post-it Not Keyboard Cleaner, Step 3

Clearly, I need to stop eating lunch at my desk.

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Cute Puppy Calendar by House of Doolittle.

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Pink Ribbon 2013 Calendar: just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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