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Color Code File Folders for Faster Filing & Fewer Misfiles


If you’ve  ever  tried to track down a misfiled document — and who hasn’t — you know the task can be an exercise in frustration, and sometimes outright futility. Indexing your files to a color code solves the problem. Mislaid files stick out like a sore thumb in a color coded filing system. Plus, since we recognize color faster than text, filing and retrieving documents goes faster as well. Here are three ways you can use colored file folders and labels to eliminate misfiles and create a more efficient file storage system.

Use colored file folders to create file categories.

Manage large amounts of data? Divide your info into major categories, then assign each group a file folder color. For example, use red files for customer data, green for financials, blue for vendor, and yellow for forms. Filing and retrieving documents goes a lot faster when you can identify the contents of a folder with a glance.

Use colored file folder labels to eliminate misfiles.

Using colored file folder labels creates visual bands of color, so its easy to spot misfiles, and quickly find specific folders. Assign each component of your filing system a label color. So if you file alphabetically each letter gets its own color, numerically each number, and so on.

Sort desk files into colored file folders.

You recognize colors much faster than you read text. Replace labels such as To Do, Pending and Follow up with colored folders. Or try assigning each project it’s own colored file. Before long, you’ll ID the contents of each folder by color instead of by name, and save time.


What to bring to the Office Halloween Party: top 5 candy brands of 2012.

I’ve always thought the best part of the office Halloween Party was the Halloween Candy. According to a survey cited by U.S. News and World Reports, I’m not alone:

“While theatrical attire sounds whimsical and fun, food actually trumped costumes among what employees want most at work this Halloween. According to the survey, 70 percent of employees said they would most enjoy a Halloween breakfast/lunch or free candy/treats at work. Whether you’re a front-line receptionist or someone steeped in analysis in a secluded back office, you may consider fetching a bag of Snickers bars…”

Bottom line: no one will care if your last minute Halloween costume is a little less than awe-inspiring if you bring the goodies.

Halloween Candy: top 5 brands of 2012

Snickers: best-selling candy of 20121. Snickers 2. M & M’s 3. Trident Reese's Halloween Candy4. Reese’s Dove Galaxy Halloween Candy
5. Dove/Galaxy

So, bring a bag or two of the most popular candy brands to the office Halloween Party. It’s cheap, you don’t have to bake, and you’ll be giving the people what they want.

sources: U.S. News & World Reports,

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Getting to Know Part III in Series.

Call in to with an order, a question, or a return, then there’s a better than even chance you’ll talk to Debbie, one of our Atlanta-based Customer Service Representatives. Debbie’s been with for 6 years. Today she talks about how her job has changed in that time, the importance of fresh air for us telecommuters, and about her “trademark” pen.

What does your current job entail? 
I handle returns and credits, order processing, online customer service chats, emails, phone calls, etc.

How has your job changed since you started at OTS?
The main focus was returns and credits. Now I do that along with the order processing, answering chats, and anything else that needs to be done

What’s your favorite part of the job?
Getting things accomplished and making customers happy.

What’s your favorite/handiest office supply?
My pink uniball Signo Gel Pen. It is my trademark!

Do you have any tips for other people working from home?
Be sure you have outside activities to be active in, whether it is volunteer work or church activities.

Anything you wish to add?
It is truly amazing the things our little team is able to accomplish! It’s only possible because we truly believe in teamwork.

2012 National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Give-Away Winner

First, thanks to everyone who participated in the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Give-Away — all 714 of you! This was our biggest Pink Ribbon Give-Away yet, and we raised a ton for Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Ok, now for the part you’re waiting for.

The winner of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Give-Away is….


Congratulations Heather, and check your email to claim your prize! Everyone else, take heart. has tons of Breast Cancer Awareness merchandise for sale in our pink ribbon shop. You can use the coupon code you got for participating in the Give-Away to save even more. Plus, we’ll be back again soon with more chances to win free office supplies.  Just keep your eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Thanks again for participating in the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Give-Away!

Tip: Recycle toner cartridges for a more environmentally friendly office.


More than 350 million empty toner cartridges end up in landfills ever year. That’s enough to circle the earth three times! They also take forever to decompose — 450 years for laser toner cartridges, and some of the industial plastic components will take a thousand years to break down.  Plus, it takes a gallon of oil to produce one toner cartridge.  Looking for an easy way to go green in your office? Recycle toner cartridges, don’t just throw them away.

Most toner manufacturers make it super easy to take this environmentally-friendly step. Just drop your empty cartridges in the mail. Most brands will send you a postage-paid box, so it won’t cost you a thing. Check out the Toner Recycling guide at to find out how to recycle toner cartridges from HP, Epson, Lexmark & other top brands.

Getting to know Part II in Series.

Gold Coast, Australia: home base of's longest serving employee.We’ve started a new series introducing you to the people who keep up, running and delivering great service. Today’s installment is about Shari, the longest serving employee. Living in gorgeous, sunny Gold Coast, Australia, she’s also the employee with the most enviable address. (Can you tell your blog mistress lives in already-cold Chicago?)

Shari’s job title is Customer Service Manager, but she wears about 50 different hats at the company. Today, she talks a little about her responsibilities, how she became a bona fide expert in all things related to office furniture and supplies, offers some tips for telecommuters, and of course, which office supplies she can’t live without.

How long have you worked for
8 years.

How has your job changed since you started?
I am a Human Resource/Payroll Specialist by trade, and have become a specialist in all Office Supplies, I am now Furniture Specialist and love dealing with all issues from trivial to major. etc. One thing that hasn’t changed is my belief in GREAT customer service.

What does your current job entail?
Over the past few years, I have managed customer service for OnTimeSupplies. I am responsible for our Amazon sales and ensuring that Amazon has enough stock to fulfill our orders. I currently process all out of hours orders and deal with all major issues as they arise. I am responsible for the day to day running of OnTimeSupplies, make sure our staff are paid on time as are our various vendors. I utilize and analyze many different reports to ensure we are doing our job well, and ensure that customer service remains a priority. I love speaking to customers and solving all sorts of simple and more complex problems. I love speaking to customers and solving all sorts of simple and more complex problems.

What’s your favorite part of the job?
I love the flexibility that my job provides!!

What’s your favorite/handiest office supply?
Pens!!! In every color and style.

Do you have any tips for other people working from home?
While telecommuting has many great benefits, it poses special challenges. Even for part-time telecommuters, certain people and their living situations are better suited to telecommuting than others. Employees best suited to telecommuting are self-motivated, adaptable, independent, computer literate, have good communication skills and can balance work and non-work activities well. Importantly, employees need to have an appropriate workspace. They must have enough room in their home to work, including the space for necessary office equipment.

Ergonomics in the Workplace: repair an ergonomic keyboard with a binder clip.


Is there anything the mighty binder clip can’t do? Last month, we showed you how binder clips can help teachers stay organized. Now Lifehacker comes along with “10 DIY Miracles” you  can accomplish with a binder clip. Hands down, our favorite is their trick for repairing your ergonomic keyboard.

Lost the little feet that elevate your keyboard? Those little plastic squares provided big boost to ergonomics in the workplace. Experts say your keyboard should tilt down & away from the body, a position impossible to accomplish without the aid of those little feet. If yours have snapped off, you can replace them with a binder clip:

  • Step One
    Remove the two metal wings from your binder clip.
  • Step Two
    Slip one metal wing into each of the foot wells.

Voila! You’ve repaired your ergonomic keyboard and improved the ergonomics of your workplace. Happy keyboarding!

Check out these 21 Awesome Pink Ribbon Tattoos

The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Give-Away is not the only way to show your support for women struggling with breast cancer. Check out these awesome pink ribbon tattoos!  These are the hardcore way to show your support for women battling breast cancer, remember those who have passed, or show your determination to beat the disease. Check out these Pink Ribbon Tattoos

I have to admit, I’m a little wary of needles, but these are are so cool! If I weren’t such a huge baby about needles, I think I could go for one of these. I think a pink ribbon tattoo is a great way to show support Feeling inspired? You can order these and tons more breast cancer tattoos at

Best push brooms & garbage bags for fall leaves & more.

Ready to tackle the leaves and debris accumulating outside your business? Make sure you choose the right push brooms and garbage bags for the job.

Best push brooms for outdoor debris: hard, synthetic bristles

Use stiff bristle brooms for outdoor waste

Not all push brooms are equally suited for all jobs. Only brooms with hard, synthetic bristles are tough enough to corral large debris on rough surfaces. Natural fibers such as corn will snap off and create a bigger mess.

Tip: Hang up your push broom when your not using it to help the bristles retain their shape. Check out our buying guide for more information on brooms & broom maintenance.

Best garbage bags for outdoor waste: low-density bags

Low-density bags are the best choice for outdoor waste. Low-D bags stretch to accomadate sticks, twigs & other rough debris, leading to fewer punctures. Just don’t use them for heavy waste, such as dirt or rocks. Low-D bags will split when over-loaded with heavy objects. For more tips on choosing the best bags for various maintenance tasks, check out the buying guide.