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Treat yourself: try the delicious Folger’s holiday drink recipes.

Folgers Chocolate Mint CappuccinoIs it just me, or do the days before Christmas make up the longest work week of the year? I need a little extra to get through this week, so I’ve been kicking my afternoon coffee breaks up a notch with the holiday drink recipes at I think some of the recipes are a little elaborate for work, but they all look delicious. And there are a few you can whip up without too much trouble. So far, I’ve tried the Mexican Cinnamon Coffee and the Cinnamon Hot Chocolate. I skipped the milk and cream in the recipes, and they were still so tasty. This afternoon afternoon, I’m going with the Chocolate Mint Cappuccino   You can see all the holiday drink recipes at the Folgers site. Which one looks the most tempting to you? Let us know in the comments. And remember, you can buy Folgers Coffee in bulk for your office at

3 Tips for choosing file storage boxes for archiving documents.

Archiving documents with Bankers Box file storage boxes.File storage boxes are a great way to free up space in your file cabinets and archive documents you don’t need to consult every day, but can’t throw away. You need to think about 3 things when choosing your file:

  1. How much you need to store
  2. What types of items are you storing.
  3. Where you’ll keep your file boxes.

We’ve got a detailed buying guide up at, but here are a few basic guidelines.

Metal Storage Boxes

Metal storage boxes are extremely durable and lockable. They are the best choice for secure storage of sensitive documents.

Plastic File Boxes

Plastic file boxes are the best choice for transporting documents. Plastic boxes are also moisture resistant, so they are great for archiving & protecting documents in less than ideal environments, such as garages.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard file boxes are the most common, inexpensive and versatile option for archiving files. You can get them in are range of strengths  so you can store a little or a lot. You can also choose from a range of lid closure styles depending on how often you need to get at your stored documents. You can find more information on cardboard & other file box styles here.


Getting to Know; Part VI in Series.

Meet Miles Young, CEO & Owner of OnTimeSupplies.comWe’ve got a real treat for today’s installment of Getting to Know the company’s CEO and owner Miles Young. Miles started the company with Sridhar Balasubramanian in 2004. Today, Miles tells us what the job of CEO entails, what it takes to run the business from his home in Atlanta, and reveals his favorite office supply.

How has your job changed since you started at OTS?

It has always been a little bit of everything, and as we have grown it has been more of working on strategic direction of our company. I will say that the key to our success is always thinking of our customer first and finding new ways to serve them. The thought of serving others and sincerely trying to help our customers is the core to everything I do. So whether I am helping a customer, selling them product or working on our website, I think of how this will help our customers first.

What does your current job entail?

Working on corporate direction. I devote a lot of my time looking at current technology and trends in the market. I will say that the internet has really excelled since smart phones have become so popular. In 2004, search was really one dimensional: you have a need, go to Google, look it up and buy. Now we have to consider geolocation, how a customer would like to buy (each vs. bulk orders), and having the best information to help the customer make a decision. There are more companies selling office supplies on the internet and it is not enough to just have a ton of products to sell. You need to deliver value to the customer, be unique, and anticipate what your customer will need in the future. It is a big challenge, but a ton of fun.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

That is easy. Serving our customers because they are the reason that we are in business. I like to be the first one to answer the phone and it is a huge reward for me when a customer calls back to thank us for our service. We are always looking for customer feedback on how we can service our customer better and I read every customer review that comes in.

What’s your favorite/handiest office supply?

I really like having a big note book at my side while I work. I have been using the big 200 sheet Genesis Notebook, and love keeping my notes here.

Do you have any tips for other people working from home?

Working from home takes a lot of discipline. When I was in the corporate world I use to think how easy it would be to work from home with all the comforts and no rush hour commute. What I found out was that you have to turn off the tv or radio, don’t spend time browsing the web, but sit down and focus on work. I would also say that you should consider taking little breaks as “rewards” during the day, and make a point to get outside once a day. On occasion I will work outside or on vacation with my laptop when I can, but the other thing to remember is to make sure you turn off your work and spend time with your loved ones.

Anything you wish to add?

I consider myself a very fortunate person. I am allowed the opportunity to do what I love, which is serving others. I take tremendous pride that our business helps our employees provide for their families, offers tons of flexibility, and we have tons of fun with what we do. I think that building a business with a great team is an amazing experience. I really think that the people who work for On Time Supplies enjoy serving others and think our company has tremendous opportunity for everyone..

Best Indoor & Outdoor Floor Mats for Winter Weather.


The combination of melting snow and rock salt tracked into your business during the winter months destroys floor finishes, and present a significant safety hazard. Protect your floors and prevent slips and falls by using both indoor and outdoor floor mats. The two-part system will stop moisture and salt from turning your floors into an unsightly safety hazard.

Best Outdoor Floor Mat Styles

Choose an abrasive floor mat made from rubber or polypropylene for outdoors. The abrasive finish will wick away moisture and debris, while the durable materials will make sure your mat lasts through the winter.

Best Indoor Floor Mat Styles.

Indoor floor mats back up outdoor mats. They absorb moisture from shoes and wick away fine debris. Olefin and polypropylene floor mats perform these tasks the best.

Check out the buying guide at for more information on floor mats.

Best New Year’s Resolution Idea: resolve to be organized.

Try a New Year’s resolution you can keep this year. Resolve to be more organized in 2013. Office Ink shows you a few ways to keep that resolution.

Declutter your desk with desk files.

Can’t see your desk for all the paperwork, files and memos? Get yourself a step file and a few colored file folders and declutter your desk. 3 ring binders are another great solution for desk clutter. Armed with a stack of binders, a hole punch, some index tabs and sheet protectors, your can clear the clutter from any desk. More tips on decluttering a messy office desk here.

Free up file cabinet space with file storage boxes.

Are you devoting a lot of your file cabinet space to storing files your rarely need to reference, but can’t throw away? Free up cabinet space by shifting old files to file storage boxes. Archive old file storage boxes

Organize files with a color coding.

Group your files into major categories, then assign each group a file folder color. Color coding makes filing and retrieving documents go a lot faster. Check out our previous post for more information on setting up a color coded filing system.

Add storage with a new file cabinet or two.

Of course, sometimes you just have to break down and buy a new file cabinet. Use our guide to find the right file cabinet  size and style for your office.

Manage your time with productivity apps.

Once you’ve taken control of your files, take control of your day. There are a ton of apps out that help you better manage your time. EasyTask Manager is a great free app. Check out our guide to the best productivity apps and start accomplishing more in a day.

Tip: Use Microfiber Mop & Ammonia to Clean Salt Residue on Floors.


With winter snows and ice comes salt. And with salted parking lots, walk ways and door ways comes the ugly salt residue on your floors. Worse still, salt is not only unsightly, it’s corrosive. Regular cleaning is essential to protect your floors through the long winter months.

Best mop for cleaning up salt & snow melt.

Microfiber mops are your best choice for cleaning messy winter floors. They are the most absorbent, so you’ll actually pick up the dirty water  instead of spreading it around and pushing it into grout.  Don’t have a microfiber mop? Use a few towels to dry your floors after mopping. You’ll never get rid of the residue if you allow your floors to air dry.

Best floor cleaner for salt & snow melt.

Ammonia-based floor cleaners do the best job of cleaning up that ugly white salt residue left on floors. Ammonia neutralizes, or lowers the pH level of salt. This halts the corrosive effects, and dissolve the chemical bond between the salt and your floor.  To make your own floor cleaning solution, use two tablespoons of ammonia and one tablespoon of borax for every one gallon of water.

Clean salt residue from your floors as soon as possible. Salt destroys floor finishes, first creating a sticky mess that attracts dirt before dissolving completely.

Sources: The Cleanest Image, How To Clean Stuff.Net


Naked Santa Worst Office Holiday Party Idea Ever


Our small staff here at is spread out all over the country (and in one case lives on the other side of world). So we don’t do holiday parties. There are a lot of perks that with this set up, but I’m a little jealous of those of you that get to celebrate the holidays with your coworkers.  So, I want to personally thank CBS for posting this roundup of the worst office holiday parties ever. Schadenfreude feels so much better than envy! They are all hilarious, but this anecdote is by far my favorite:

The Naked Santa Surprise

“I worked at a great advertising agency in Rochester, New York called Rumrill-Hoyt. On good years we had extravagant holiday parties [but] the very best party came during a lean year. A down-trodden looking Santa was working the crowd, handing out drink chits. ‘Alvin and the Three Chipmunks,’ supplied by a clueless DJ, were discouraging the dancers. Without warning, the Santa, resplendent with handmade tattoos, stripped to a dirty jock strap, leapt onto a table and began bumping and grinding to the tunes coming out of a tiny tape recorder near his feet. [We] were slack-jawed and the room fell silent. The morning after the Santa show, [my boss] called all of the usual suspects into his office. None confessed to the crime of tastelessness. Turns out some newly hired, low-level assistant got stuck with planning the not very grand party, and when the party house manager offered to throw in a “naked Santa” for $50, it seemed like a good idea. Friends and I still talk about the naked Santa. A truly genuine surprise [is] the best gift of all.”

Moral of the story: pick your party planner wisely! Most of the other holiday party stories featured probably started like this:

Got a funny office holiday party story, booze-fueled or otherwise? Share it in the comments!

Source: Office holiday parties gone wild: Crazy true stories

Best Productivity Apps for iPhone & Other Devices


Interested in task tracking software to help you get more done in a day? Check out our guide to the best productivity apps for iPhones and other devices.

EasyTask Manager

EasyTask Manager offers free task tracking software for smartphones, Macs and PCs, and  allows syncing with multiple devices. Use it to set up to-do lists, prioritize tasks and schedule appointments.
Cost: Free

Checklist Wrangler
Checklist Wrangler lets you create flexible checklists on iPhones & other Apple devices. The great strength of  Checklist Wrangler’s task tracking software is its flexibility. You can use it to maintain supply lists, track household chores, set reminders & more. Plus, you can schedule your checklists in various time increments, and quickly email them to anyone.
Cost: 99¢

At fifty bucks, Things is pretty pricey for a productivity app, but there are several features may make it worth the money. Things  is designed to help your manage day to day tasks and long term goals. Quickly input tasks, create daily checklists, view upcoming tasks, schedule  prioritize assignments, schedule appointments & due dates and more so you can stay on top of all your responsibilities. Things’ task tracking software is very flexible. For example, the “Don’t Show In Today” allows you to push tasks into the next day’s to-do list. You can combine tasks into projects.
Cost: $49.99

ToodleDo is a customizable productivity app that you can expand as needed. The basic $3 app allows you to create to-do list, schedule and priortize tasks, import data from other time management apps and sync across a variety of devices and platforms. There’s even a geo-tagging feature that alerts you when your near the site of an item on your task list.
Cost: $2.99

Do you use a productivity app not featured in this list? Tell us about it and we may feature it in an upcoming post.

Source: HowStuffWorks, Intuit Small Business Blog