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Beat Cold & Flu Season with anti-microbial office supplies.

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Cold and flu season is officially in full swing. Flu season usually peaks in January and February. If it seems worse this year, that’s because it is: and cities across the country are experiencing infection rates of up to 26 times higher than last year. much higher infection rates than last year.

We’ve shared some common sense advice or avoiding the flu this year. Basically, wash your hands and disinfect hard surfaces. But what about office supplies that you can’t easily disinfect, such as file folders? There is an alternative. Many common office supplies are available in antimicrobial options that help stop the spread of germs. Antimicrobial coatings kill the germs that linger on surfaces and spread illnesses. Add these antimicrobial office supplies to your flu fighting arsenal.

Antimicrobial Smead Folders

Antimicrobial Smead Folders

3M Antimicrobial Mouse Pad & Wrist Rest

3M Antimicrobial Mouse Pad

Antimicrobial Avery Binders

Antimicrobial Avery Binders

Alliance Antimicrobial  Rubber Bands

Alliance Antimicrobial  Rubber Bands

Saunders Antimicrobial Clipboard

Saunders Antimicrobial Clipboard

Victor Antimicrobial Calculators

Victor Antimicrobial Calculators

ACCO Antimicrobial Report Covers

ACCO Antimicrobial Report Covers

Stanley Bostitch Antimicrobial Pencil Sharpener

Stanley Bostitch Antimicrobial Pencil Sharpener

Quality Park  Antimicrobial Business Envelopes

Quality Park  Antimicrobial Business Envelopes

Source:,, ABC News

How to find the perfect ergonomic desk chair height.

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Improving the “fit” of your office chair is an easy way to improve the ergonomics of your work place. Generally, advice on finding the perfect ergonomic office chair height involves a lot of talk about inches and angles. A good adjustable office chair prevents discomfort and injury, and improves productivity, but who wants to break out a tape measure and protractor just to sit in your office chair?

No one. that’s why I love this graphic from the American Chiropractic Association illustrating the easiest way to measure the ideal ergonomic desk chair height. Adjust your chair so the seat is level with your knees and you’re done.

How to find the perfect ergonomic desk chair height

Use theses tips to get the full benefit of your ergonomic desk chair.

Source: Apartment Therapy, h/t LifeHacker

Happy Martin Luther King Day from!

It’s a big day for our democracy. Today we celebrate of American hero Martin Luther King and inaugurated the president. They’re celebrating both occasions in a big way down in D.C. Generally, all I do on MLK Day is sleep in, run errands and shamefully indulge my guilty pleasure: watching Judge Mathis. How do you celebrate MLK Day? Let us know in the comments.

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Miles Young, the CEO of, passes along this account illustrating the difference between his independent office supply store and the big box retailers.

Meet Miles Young, CEO & Owner of OnTimeSupplies.comI was recently contacted by one of our customers who realized that he was paying nearly 20% more on legal office supplies by using the big box stores for his legal supply needs. It is not unusual for us to help customers to save on their legal supplies, but when you look at a side by side comparison on how much cheaper we are over a box store, the savings really add up. I also think that we have better service, faster delivery in 1-2 days, and more product selection than what a big box store can offer. So how do we do it?

When you compare our business models you will quickly understand why we can charge less than a box store. Large box stores have a lot of cost to support corporate advertising, rent on large retail locations, the expense of owning inventory, the cost to support corporate offices, not to mention overseas customer service. Our model is much simpler and sometimes, simpler is just better. Our customer service employees work from home, we ship directly from the source, and leverage technology and best business practices lower our cost of doing business. The people who work for OnTimeSupplies are much happier working from home, having flexible hours, which enables them to better serve our customers. If you would like to read our reviews, to review our Better Business Bureau A+ standing, or simply to call us to find out how we work, we would love to hear from you! We would especially like to help you save money in this tough economy!

Miles Young

See the difference for yourself. Compare our prices on legal office supplies to the competition and see how much you can save.

Little-Known Income Tax Deductions: get all your federal tax deductions this year.

The only thing worse than paying taxes is over-paying taxes.  And many of us do pay too much in taxes, enough that the IRS publishes a list every year of the most commonly overlooked deductions.  Here are a few income tax deductions that are easy to claim and yield some big bucks.

Job-seeking expense tax deductions

If you were one of the millions of Americans looking for work in 2013, you can deduct part of job seeking expenses — with a few caveats. You can’t expenses incurred looking for your first job, or a job outside of your current field. Plus, your expenses must total more than 2% of your adjusted gross income. Qualifying expenses include employment agency fees, resume printing and mailing costs, and travel expenses. The IRS has posted more details, including more qualifying expenses, online.

Medicare Expenses

Self-employed? Then you can deduct your Medicare premiums. However, you can’t claim this deduction if you have a job in addition to your business and your employer offers insurance, or if you are eligible for coverage over your spouses insurance.

State Income Tax Deduction

The end of the fiscal cliff negotiation restored the state tax deductions. You can deduct state income tax or state sales tax, whichever is larger. Not sure how much you paid in sales tax last year? The IRS has an app for that. And, bonus: you can deduct state taxes paid in 2011.

Baggage Fees

Sounds pretty sweet, given how high airline fees can get. Couple of caveats though: you have to be self-employed, and the fees have to be incurred on business travel.

You can find more info on in our income tax post  from last year and at Kiplingers.


What’s More Sanitary, Paper Towels or Air Dryers? Find Out Before Your Next Bathroom Break.


Mayo Clinic researchers find that drying your hands with paper towels is better than using air dryers. That’s because the friction generated when you dry your hands with paper towels dislodges germs and bacteria from the skin:

Antimicrobial agents in soaps have too little contact time to have bactericidal effects during a single use or with sporadic washings, making friction the most important element in hand drying.”

Worried about the environmental impact of all that paper? Here’s short TED Talk on how to completely dry your hands with just one paper towel. Hint: you’ve been doing it all wrong. Continue reading

New Mail in Rebates on File Storage Supplies at

With tax season approaching and my New Year’s resolution to be more organized in 2013, I need a few office organizing supplies. Chances are you do too. Luckily, has some great new mail in rebates on file folders, 3 ring binder and other file storage and organizing products. Take a look and reward yourself for taking care of business.

Smead Folders Mail in Rebate Get a $10 Gift Card with Cardinal Office Supplies Purchase.
Mail in Rebates for Smead Folders Mail in Rebates for Cardinal Office Supplies

These are just a few of the mail in rebates at, and we add more almost daily. Some of the rebates are good for gift cards to some of your favorite stores, so you can supply your office and get a little something for yourself. Others are money-saving cash back offers. Check them all out today.

Best Space Heater for the Office.

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It’s going to be a long winter if you spend your days freezing at work. If your office or cubicle is too cold for an office sweater to provide any comfort, get a space heater. We’ve offered some buying tips here at Office Ink before, and there’s a great electric space heater buying guide up at But here is the bottom line for increasing the comfort right at your desk.

Shop the Compact Space Heaters at OnTimeSupplies.comBest Budget Space Heaters.

A fast heating space heater that provides targeted warmth is a great choice for adding comfort on a budget. You can find quality personal space heater starting at $32 at

Check out the energy efficient panel heaters at Overall Value Space Heaters.

Panel Heater fit under your desk, so they don’t take up valuable work space. They are energy efficient, and provide steady, reliable warmth. They start at about $76 at

Bankers Box Mail in Rebate: last chance to get cash back with purchase.

Download Bankers Box Mail in RebateAlong with the usual vows to eat less and exercise more, my New Year’s Resolution is to be more organized in 2013.  My first target is my filing system. One of the best ways to bring some order to a system is shift old file folders into file storage boxes. Using file boxes to create an in-office archive frees up file cabinet space and protects important documents.

We offered tips on adding file storage space  with file boxes last month. This is the perfect time to tackle the project, and not just because of the industrious fever of the new year. These are the last days to take advantage of the Bankers Box mail in rebate for cash back on file box purchases. Free money — the best type of positive reinforcement! So download your rebate today and reward yourself for getting organized in 2013.