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How to make a latte & froth milk without a machine.

Froth Milk Foam to make a latter without a machine.

I’m always looking for ways to save money without giving up too many of life’s little pleasures. One way I pinch my pennies is by eating out less, and that includes my previously daily latte splurges. Have you been spending less on expensive coffee drinks in these lean economic times? I just found out how to get my latte fix without signing my paycheck over to Starbucks or splurging on a DeLonghi esspresso machine. Lattes are just milky coffee. The only thing you need to make a latte is strong coffee and steamed milk.

Of course, that steamed milk froth is the tricky part. Luckily, Folgers Coffee shows you how to froth milk without a milk steamer in a quick video. All you need are is hot milk and a hand mixer and you’re in business.

Got a tip on how to jazz up a cup of coffee? We’d love to hear it! Leave your suggestions in the comments.


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Valentine’s Day Desktop Backgrounds: cute, FREE eye candy

Valentines Day desktop backgrounds are the perfect eye candy — they don’t cost anything and are naturally calorie-free. Celebrate the sweetest holiday with new Valentine’s Day wallpaper for your desktop. Check out our gallery of work-safe desktop wallpaper backgrounds, and if you see something you like:

  1. Click on the image to open the desktop-sized version.
  2. Right click to save.

 Free Valentine’s Day Wallpaper for Desktops

Feeling inspired? You can find loads more Valentine’s Day desktop backgrounds at PS Delux and Better Homes and Gardens. And if you can’t choose just one (because that would be like choosing on piece of Valentine’s Day candy) try John’s Background Switcher. It’s a free wallpaper manager that lets you rotate through backgrounds and pulls images from Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Google Image Search, and more.

Sources: PS Delux, Better Homes and Gardens

Does Natural Hand Sanitizer work as well as Purell?

Natural hand sanitizers have proliferated the market in recent years. But do alcohol-free hand sanitizers work as well as traditional alcohol based products like Purell Sanitizer? Research says no, as demonstrated in this ABC News Report.  Alcohol does a better job of breaking down bacteria and cleaning your hands. The most effective hand sanitzers are at least 60%. Make sure you use enough — your hands should take at least 15 seconds to dry after using hand sanitizer.

Recommended Hand Sanitizers

Each of these hand sanitizers are at leat 60% alchohol:

Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer |
Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer
Kleenex Instant Hand Sanitizer |
Kleenex Instant Hand Sanitizer
Clorox Hand Sanitizer

Soap & Water –still better than any hand sanitizer.

Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with plain old hand soap (and drying them with paper towels!) is still better than hand sanitizer. That’s because hand washing kills viruses as well as bacteria, including cold &  flu viruses. You don’t even have to use anti-bacterial soap to kill the most common germs. As long and you thoroughly wash and dry your hands, you’re good to go. Still, hand sanitizers are better than nothing. Just save them for when you can’t get to a sink.

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Copy Paper vs. Printer Paper: what’s the difference?

HP Mail in Rebate: cash back with purchase

When you are shopping for office paper, you may have noticed that some paper is labeled copier paper, or multipurpose paper, and some is labeled printer paper (also caller color copy and laser paper). Ever wondered what the difference is? I did, and did a little investigating.

Turns out there is a difference. Standard copy paper is a thinner than printer paper — 20 lbs. a ream vs. 24+ lbs. a ream. The only time you’d notice the difference is when printing a large image. Since printing images deposits so much ink on the page, you end up with a wrinkly, blurry mess when you use thin copy paper. So, use cheaper copy paper for every day printing of text documents, and save your more expensive printer paper for graphics-heavy documents.

Source: LifeTips


Organize Receipts with a 3 Ring Binder & Sheet Protectors

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Organize receipts with sheet-protectors-3-ring-binders

Ease some of the pain of tax season with a few sheet protectors, a 3 ring binder and index dividers. Take a cue from savvy home cooks and adapt the standard recipe binder into a receipt binder.  Use one sheet protector for each month, or try this tip for Coupon Fairies: fold your sheet protectors in half for twice the storage space.

The Get-It-Done Guy uses a version of this trick to track business expenses.  Here’s how it works:

1. Fill a binder with plain 3-hole punched paper and 12 monthly index dividers — one for each month.

2. Instead of shuffling receipts off into a file box (or lets be real, a shoe box), scotch tape your receipts to the paper.

3. Once you fill up a page, add up the receipts and jot down the total in the corner.

4. Use the index dividers to separate the months for easy reference.

Try these tips if you’ve been faithfully hoarding old receipts into shoe boxes. Or if you have a better method of tracking expenses, we’d love to hear them. Leave your tips in the comments.

Sources: Coupon Fairies, Get-It-Done Guy