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Review of the day: save $200 on bulk price Pendaflex File Jackets.

Pendaflex File Jacket Review

We get so many thoughtful office supply reviews at On Time Supplies, I’ve started highlighting them on Office Ink. These reviews are totally unsolicited and come from real customers. I love to read all the comments, but I have to admit, my favorite are the ones that show how independent On Time Supplies offers better service, better deals and better selection than the big box chain stores. One of our North Carolina customers had just that experience when he discovered our discount bulk pricing on Pendaflex® Manila Reinforced File Jackets:

I saved $200 on File Jackets at On Time Supplies!

pendaflex-file-jackets These file jackets are identically made to a folder we used to get from one of the big box stores, only we saved almost $200.00 by ordering them from On Time Supplies. It took maybe one extra day to receive the folders, but that kind of savings on a cosmetically identical jacket made it worth the wait. The jackets are made of a thick, high quality stock and the tab at the top is doubled over and glued making them much more durable in our filing cabinets than some others we have tried. These are perfect for keeping all materials pertaining to an individual job together!

– holderrobin from Huntersville, NC

Try Pendaflex Manila File Jackets. Save your company $200 bucks and be a hero to the guys and gals in the green eyeshades!

How to Handle Office Politics.

How to Handle Office Politics

As we’ve noted before, office politics are inevitable when you lock a group of people together for eight hours a day. So while the phrase “office politics” may leave a bad taste in your mouth, it’s difficult to advance if you do know how to simultaneously work well with your colleagues and stand out from the pack.  We’ve got a guest post today full of good advice on how to handle office politics from the folks at Official Space.

How to Handle Office Politics: The Business Success Cheat Sheet

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Best Memorial Day Barbecue Sauce Recipe.


With Memorial Day coming up, all I can think about is the all the good eating I am going to do this weekend. That’s because I have the best barbecue sauce recipe ever. And you’re in luck because I’m willing to share it. Ok, it’s not my barbecue sauce recipe. Credit where credit is due — I discovered Kathy’s Award Winning Barbecue Sauce Recipe at last Memorial Day, and it was the best thing I put in my mouth ’til Thanksgiving.

I’ve made this sweet and spicy barbecue sauce recipe for chicken, pork and beef, and it is delicious on all three. I pretty much follow the instructions exactly as written, because Kathy has won awards for her barbecue sauce recipe and I have not. I have left out the liquid smoke before, and while the sauce is still pretty tasty, but not as tasty.

You can find the complete barbecue sauce recipe here (warning: video automatically starts at link, so turn the volume down if you are sneakily researching barbecue sauce recipes at work.)

Do you have a can’t miss barbecue sauce recipe? I love Kathy’s, but after an entire summer of it, I am willing to branch out a bit. If you’ve got a great barbecue sauce recipe, post it in the comments and we’ll share it on our Facebook page.


Traveling with kids? 10 reasons to keep Wet Ones Hand Wipes in the car.

Traveling with kids? Don't forget the Wet Ones.

Memorial Day is just around the corner, ready to kick off  the messy kids season. Oops, I mean the summer season! But yeah, kids are messy. And it seems like they get extra messy in the summer. Luckily, there are  moist towelettes for those times you and your family are on the go and you guys can’t wash your hands — and you can’t just dunk the kids in the tub.

We sell a lot of hand wipes at On Time Supplies, but one thing we really love about Wet Ones is something a customer pointed out to us:  Wet Ones canisters are designed to fit in your car’s cup holder, making these the perfect cleaning wipes for car trips with the kids. Wet Ones are also super versatile. Their website lists 99 different messes Wet Ones cleans. I’ve listed my top  ten summer applications below.

Sounds like a job for Wet Ones: 10 reason to take the hand wipes with you this summer:

Shop Wet Ones at On Time Supplies 1. Clean hands from sand after the beach2. After Touching Ketchup and Mustard Bottles3. On the Boat after Catching a Fish

4. After Catching Lightning Bugs 

5. After drippy, sticky ice cream

6. After the carnival or amusement park.

7. After Volleyball.

8. After you let your kid pump the gas.

9. During birthday parties 

10. After trips the to the park.

Review of the Day: Spotlight on C-Line Binder Label Holders


We get a ton of reviews at On Time Supplies, and we read every one of them. We love to hear what you think, especially your thoughts on some of our hard to find office supplies. Have you ever had the darnedest time finding a product you think would be everywhere? That’s what happened to Jerry. He knew he needed something to help him organize the 3 ring binders on his office bookshelves. He just wasn’t sure what he needed or where to get it. So for Jerry, C-Line® Self-Adhesive Binder Label Holders and On Time Supplies were like gifts from above  — or at least gifts from Google.

I finally organized my bookcases with C-Line® Binder Label Holders!

C-Line® Self-Adhesive Binder Label Holders I am reorganizing my office bookcases into a complete filing center, and was unable to find supplies that I needed in local office supply stores, even the large chain stores like Staples. This difficulty was delaying my projects until I located the On Time Supplies site on the Internet. Since then, I’ve become a regular and frequent customer because of the availability, price, and quick service that your company always has to offer. You never fail to have exactly what I need whenever I shop with you. I consider it a lucky find that I located your site when I searched the Internet, and now I don’t need to waste time to get quality office supplies.

– Jerry from Concord, NC

Try C-Line® Self-Adhesive Binder Label Holders and tell us what you think!

The best part about Jerry’s review — besides the part about On Time Supplies totally kicking the Staples’ butt — is that it reminded me to straighten up my own bookcases.

Job Market Looking Up for New Graduates


Congratulations to all the new graduates of 2013! The good news is, you probably won’t be unemployed forever, despite what you may have heard in some of the more hysterical media reports. According to the New York Times, college grads are doing pretty well in this tough economy. College graduates have a lower rate of unemployment — 3.9% vs. the 7.5% for  workforce as a whole.

The not-so-good news?  Your first job might outside your degree field. Or a job that traditionally didn’t even require a degree. The job market has improved from the nadir of the recession, but most of the new jobs are low-skilled work.  From The Times:

There is ample evidence that employers are hiring college-educated workers for jobs that do not actually require college-level skills — positions like receptionists, file clerks, waitresses, car rental agents and so on.

‘High-skilled people can take the jobs of middle-skilled people, and middle-skilled people can take jobs of low-skilled people,’ said Justin Wolfers, a professor of public policy and economics at the University of Michigan. ‘And low-skilled people are out of luck.’

Starting to regret the time and money you spent on that degree? Don’t — a college degree still pays off in the job market.  You can expect to earn about 80% more than workers without a degree.  So, despite the calibrated expectations and flexibility needed to navigate this job market, your education was still worth the investment.


Find MSDS Sheets at On Time Supplies


Every so often, someone will ask us at On Time Supplies where they can find the Material Data Safety Sheets for a product. While we are happy to provide MSDS sheets when asked, you can find them for yourself on our website. Just search our MSDS Database to find  of downloadable, printable MSDS Sheets for thousands of office supplies.

Hope that helps! If you have any trouble finding your MSDS Sheets for your office supplies, contact us toll free at 1-866-501-6055.

DIY Plant Tags with Waterproof Shipping Labels or Plastic Label Tape

Spring in the garden, potting flowers

We got an interesting question at On Time Supplies recently: can you use plastic DYMO label tape as plant tags? Seemed like a good idea to us! But we called our DYMO rep just to confirm that a strip of plastic label tape makes a great plant tag. While DYMO LetraTag Plastic Label Tape is not absolutely waterproof, it is durable enough to weather a season outdoors in your garden.

Don’t own a DYMO Label Maker? Well first of all, now is a great time to buy one! Or you can use another brand of laminated label tape, such as Brother TZe Series Labels, or even weatherproof shipping labels, to DIY plant tags. Weatherproof labels are tough enough to remain intact and legible through inclement weather.  Just slap your shipping labels on a pot, or fold them over a stake.

Recommended Weatherproof Shipping Labels for your DIY Plant Tags:

3M Permanent Adhesive White Weatherproof Address Labels Universal® Weatherproof Permanent Adhesive Labels Avery® WeatherProof™ Durable Labels
3M Weatherproof Address Labels Universal® Weatherproof Adhesive Labels Avery® WeatherProof™ Durable Labels

Bike to Work Month: Why You Should Give Bicycle Commuting a Try

It’s National Bike To Work Month, the perfect time to dust off the old ten speed and give bicycle commuting a try. The Weather Channel posted a video of Al Roker describing the pleasure he gets from seeing New York while the “city is still asleep” when he bikes to work. Plus, it’s a great way to get some exercise. But bicycle commuting offers other benefits than exercise and the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the scenery. Bike to work, and you’ll reap great health and monetary rewards. Continue reading