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Counterfeit Money A Direct Loss to Business


In these days of data breeches and identity theft, counterfeit fraud seems quaintly old-fashioned. It’s not. The U.S. Government estimates there are millions of  dollars of counterfeit bills in circulation. And unlike credit card fraud, there is no way for businesses to recoup the losses caused by counterfeit fraud. Continue reading

Swingline Quiz Matches Personality to Stapler


Swingline has a cute quiz that matches your personality to the perfect stapler. I don’t even have to take the quiz to know which Swingline stapler I want — the customizable Skins Fashion Stapler. It comes with a free code for the SkinIt website you can use to create your own design. My 2-year old nephew’s adorable face needs to be immortalized on a stapler.

Not an overly-doting auntie? No worries! Swingline has a stapler for you too. Continue reading