2 Ways to Revive Dried Out Universal Dry Erase Markers UNV43671


Get a streaky mess when you try to write with your Universal® Pen Style Dry Erase Marker UNV43671? Time for a new pack. But while you wait the day or two for your new markers to arrive, there are a couple things you can do to eke out a little extra life.


1. Revive your dry erase markers by flipping the tip.

You can revive your Universal Dry erase markers by disassembling the body and flipping the tip. Here’s how you do it:

  • Take apart the marker barrel and remove the ink cartridge.
  • Use a pair of tweezers or needle nosed pliers to pull the the tip out from the head of the marker.
  • Reinsert the felt tip into the head, then reassemble the rest of the marker.

Voila! Now your dry erase marker is [almost] as good as new.

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2. Soak your dry erase markers  in water

Another way you can revive your dried out dry erase markers is giving them a bath. We’ve talked about how hot water works to revive dried out pens. The concept is just the same for dried out dry erase markers.

  • Pour a cup of hot water in a bowl you don’t mind potentially staining.
  • Place your dried out dry erase markers in the bowl tip first and let them set for about five minutes.
  • Remove your markers and place them uncapped on a dry towel for 24 hours.

Presto, chango, your markers should work just fine for a little while longer.

Remember, the #1 way to keep your Universal Dry Erase Markers from drying out in the first place in store them with the caps on. It also helps to store them standing in a pencil cup with the nib side down. That way, you corral gravity into helping you preserve your markers.

Got a tip for reviving dried out Universal Dry Erase Markers? Post your suggestions in the comments.

Source: TheKrazyCouponLady.com, Lifehacker.com

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49 comments on “2 Ways to Revive Dried Out Universal Dry Erase Markers UNV43671

    • 1. take apart the marker barrel
      2. Use a tweezer/needle nose pliar to pull the tip out
      3. Turn the tip to the other side
      4. Reassemble with the new tip on the outside ready for use!

      • Worked for me thank you so much!! It wont last forever for me as the entire ink cartridge in the marker is dried out but i flipped the tip and it has a different tip now but works like brand new!

    • Using a small sharp pair of scissors, snip off thecstained part. Then use your scissors to make the point the way it should be.

  • My dry erase pens are only two weeks old and I only used one, one time. They are already dried out. Three were never even opened. All were stored nib side down and closed. Any ideas?

    • If I own a product 2 weeks, use once and it stops working…. I take it back to the store.
      I'll leave with a refund or exchange- one or the other

    • Wikipedia had an awesome simple trick that really works!
      -Take long piece of string or yarn ,about 2ft. in length, and tie one end around your marker towards the back end.
      * make sure to tape it down so the marker won't fly off and it something or somebody.
      * also make sure the marker cap is on securely as this could cause ink to splatter if it's not.
      – Then hold it above your head and swing it around like a lasso for about 1 to 2 minutes.
      – Then take off the cap and write.

      Gravity and force do all the work here! It's so cool! The gravity and force pushes the ink from back to front.
      * make sure that the cap on the marker is face out

      • Ben Murray says:

        Wow! It works just fine. Just do not make the mistake I made Try this outside away from things that can get ink spots .

      • OMG this works. At first I thought you were a troll trying to make us do something dumb but yes it works and yes ink splattered all over me. So be careful.

      • This works like a charm. I just did it to all of my dry erase markers (would have been fun to explain why I was spinning my markers around on a string if anyone had walked in on me, lol) and they all write now! Like everyone else says, make sure the cap on or things could get messy. I opened up one to test after spinning and some ink dribbled out. Thanks!!

      • I couldn’t find string and wrapped a resistance band around the marker. No need for tape and worked great as well! Thanks for the tip!

          • Ask Later says:

            Genius! Glove is a mess, but still genius. Thanks!

            & Heather, +1 @ the fun part 😀

            Imma go try with my gel pens that have air bubbles too. Lassoed glove during the lockdown is fairly ironic. The things we will do to entertain ourselves . . .

    • Go to Google and type in how to revive an expo marker then hit search or enter.
      Scroll a little down there should be a Wikipedia link description. Click it then scroll down to where it says how to revive dry erase markers. The one with the string and swinging it like a lasso trick really works

  • Holy cow. Perhaps the author confused dry erase markers with washable markers?

    Unlike the author, most of us have noticed that dry erase markers have a distinct solvent scent. Armed with a nose, it takes nearly zero deductive skills to conclude that a solvent, not water, is s realistic cure for "the four year olds left the caps off the dry erase markers again."

    A quick internet search and two minutes of reading yielded a solvent mixture used in many dry erase markers. I did not bother looking for the proportions actually used, but am certain that a 1:1 combination of isopropyl alcohol and SD alcohol 40 (denatured ethyl alcohol) will perform better than diluting any remaining alcohol with water.

    Having identified a solvent, there's a couple more things to consider. First, using too much solvent could prove troublesome as it'll both over dilute the pigment and allow dripping from the tip. Second, applying the solvent to the tip of the marker will rinse the pigment into the marker, this leaving a hydrated marker that will not write.

    If possible, remove the back plug of the marker to add a few milliliters of solvent, then put the plug back in.
    If enough solvent was used, the marker will be writing fine in a few minutes.
    This can be sped up by slinging the ink toward the tip, but that can be very messy if too much solvent was used.

    If the plug cannot be removed, the solvent mixture can be added from the tip, but it will take a much longer time for the pigment to homogenize in the reservoir and tip. This can be sped up by using the sling technique described by the author, except that one must sling the solvent toward the bottom of the marker, not the tip. Do that a few times, allowing a few minutes between each slinging so the solvent and pigment can wick back toward the tip and mix.

    Use strong alcohol that is 90% or greater. A single alcohol may also work well, but the marker could dry out faster. This cure also works for permanent markers.

    • Randie Carnahan says:

      Little tip i developed when my kids were leaving lids off. I asked a diabetic friend for a syringe. For their water-based pens, I used water, for dry erase pens, I use whiteboard cleaner fluid, for permanent markers, I use nail polish remover.
      I use pliers to remove the plug on the end, then tap that end of the barrel on the counter to bring the fiber color cartridge to where I can reach it. No sweat if it doesn't come out. This works either way. Fill the syringe with an appropriate amount of your fluid. Different amts for differing sizes… If the cartridge comes out of the barrel, I can see the progress of the fluid as it moves along (unless it is black). Take note of the amount you used in a "successful" fill, so you can do it again next time!
      I carefully put away the syringe (marked "polluted") where druggies or kids can't find it.

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  • classyoffice.com says:

    Love to read this article. Thank you so much for sharing this post with us, It’s great 🙂

  • I am trying the lasso strategy right now… Let’s see if it works for me! I really hope it works because my younger brother forgets to put the caps on all the time, and the markers dry out! 🙁

    • It did NOT work!!! 🙁 🙁 Idk why, tho, because I did everything you were supposed too… I put my marker in a glove, tied a piece of string to the glove, and spun it around. 🙁 I am really disappointed. Does anyone have any other simple hacks to revive an Expo? (I have a bunch of dead ones, so I’m open for lots of options)


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