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OnTimeSupplies.com employees celebrate their favorite teachers As part of the 2014 Back to School Giveaway, we’ve asked you to tell us about your favorite teacher. Your comments brought back great memories of great teachers for several of us at OnTimeSupplies.com. So we’re sharing our memories of our favorite teachers too! Too bad we can’t win that $1,000 prize! OTS-EMAIL-HEADER-MYBUYS-FOOTER-600X50

Sridhar, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer

My favorite teacher was my 12th grade AP Physics teacher Richard White. He had a big passion for physics and he would use a lot of real life examples to teach us physics concepts. He’d organize field trips and outings to go indoor rock climbing. And he’d always give us quizzes and assignments on the field trips, so we’d have to apply things we learned in class to real life scenarios. He’d also give us a lot of creative freedom on final projects, as long as we could tie everything back to physics.

Shari, Customer Service Manager

Either I am showing my age, or teaching has changed significantly over the years. No more being caned for bad behavior, or looking at the teacher the wrong way! I am so much more inspired by some of the teachers my children have had over the years that I was by my teachers, what now seems like many years ago!!

My daughters have had many amazing teachers over the past few years, but if I was to narrow it down, our favorite teacher in the UA, would be Sandy Bogis, at Vanderlyn Elementary in Atlanta GA. She was our Kindergarten teacher at the time. Miss Bogis had so many ways to inspire the children that they didn’t even realize how much they learned. They would come home singing, reading, and spelling! She was so enthusiastic about everything she taught that the enthusiasm spread. Her classes were fun, yet she was strict and disciplined. To this day, my daughter still talks about her and is inspired to learn about all sea creatures, as Miss Bogis was an avid scuba diver.

Since moving to Australia, we have also been blessed with some amazing teachers. Here we have come across Mr Wayne Lobo, a 5th grade teacher. Who came into teaching after being in the military and having a successful career in the finance sector. Mr Lobo managed to bring out the best in my daughter, to inspire her to always try her best. She loved that his classes were always focused, yet fun. She admired him and was encouraged to go out of her comfort zone to achieve more than she thought possible. Since then, she has been comparing all other teachers to Mr Lobo, and none have managed to come close!!

Rachel, Customer Service Representative.

My favorite teacher was my 10th grade biology teachers, Mr. Sof (Ed Sofianek).  Mr. Sof recently retired but we’re connected on Facebook. He was a great teacher because a) he was funny b) he didn’t treat us like children c) he engaged us in a way that challenged us c) his class was interactive which kept us engaged. I’m not really wired for math and science but I worked hard in his class. My highest grade in his class was a ‘B’ (which was by no means the best grade in his class) but he recognized the effort I made and I received “Student of the Month” in our school that year from Mr. Sof.

Frankye, Your Humble Blog Mistress.

My favorite teacher was my high school History Teacher Mr. Cleary at Marian Catholic. I had him for AP American and European History. He was great because he taught from more than our text books. He introduced us to works from contemporary chroniclers of historical events, as well as modern works of scholarship and critique. Mr. Cleary’s teaching methods engaged my interest and prepared me for the type of work I’d have to do in college. Mr. Cleary’s history classes were the first I’d ever had that included more than lists of dates and key concepts to memorize.

Got a great teacher you want to celebrate and thank? Share your remembrances in the 2014 Back to School Giveaway post for your chance at $1,000 in free school supplies.

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