When Compared Apples-to-Apples, OnTimeSupplies Has the Sweetest Deals

Today we bring you a true story about a call that our CEO, Miles Young, recently had with one of our valued school customers. If you’ve ever struggled to redeem order reward points or wondered why product prices vary from one company to the next, perhaps you can relate!

I recently received a call from a school administrator who had a corporate account with Office Depot and regularly used its website to order school supplies. She was just moments away from clicking the “checkout” button on Office Depot’s website, but an issue with redeeming the school’s reward points stopped her. You see, one of the reasons that customers keep coming back to retailers like Office Depot is that it feels rewarding to accumulate points that can be redeemed for free gifts, or “chachkies.” However, those chachkies aren’t always something that you really want or need, and the process of actually getting them can take up more time and energy than they’re actually worth.

But I digress. Back to my phone call with the school administrator!

The reason that she called OnTimeSupplies in the first place was because she was looking for a product that she couldn’t find on Office Depot’s website and stumbled onto our site in her search. You can imagine her surprise when she discovered that many of the items on her shopping list were priced significantly lower on OnTimeSupplies when compared to the Office Depot prices. Naturally, she was interested in learning more about our pricing model and how we can offer such competitive rates.

To get started, I asked her to send me a copy of her shopping list so that I could provide her with an “apples-to-apples” quick quote before settling on her standard Office Depot purchase. While we were chatting, I explained to her that OnTimeSupplies has been transforming the way the office supply industry works over 12 years, and that our motto is “Your Time Matters.”

This means that you don’t have to waste your time keeping track of reward points or coupons just to get a good deal or collect a chachkie to collect dust in your office. We offer our very best pricing right off the bat to our customers because we value your time and understand what it means to work within a budget. I also explained to the administrator how OnTimeSupplies utilizes over 35 locations nationwide to keep shipping prices down, how our dedicated employees work remotely to reduce overhead costs, and how our innovative software helps us manage our business with maximum efficiency. All of these components of our unique business model help us afford to offer top-notch customer service with rock-bottom prices.

Not only that, but we deliver in 24-48 business hours, offer over 40,000 products, and have live U.S.-based customer support. We’re here when you need us, but we aren’t going to waste your time by calling to solicit additional business either. Our service speaks for itself, and our customers choose to work with us because of the awesome buying experience we provide.

After sharing a bit about how OnTimeSupplies works, the school administrator emailed me her shopping list, and I turned around an apples-to-apples quote in about 10 minutes. I couldn’t have been more happy to help this customer save at least $314.02 on a single order. I’ve uploaded a sample page of the comparison sheet here so you can see for yourself! Needless to say, the administrator was thrilled to save this much money, and the savings allowed her to buy a lot more for her school than a $29 blender she didn’t need.

I hope that this true story provides you with a real-world example of the value that OnTimeSupplies can provide to your school or business – every order, every day. If you’re curious to see how our pricing compares to your current retailer’s on the items you buy the most, send us your shopping list for a free apples-to-apples quote today!

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Save big with our school supply checklist.


Think you get the best school supply deals at the biggest stores? That couldn’t be further from the truth! OnTimeSupplies.com is committed to delivering the most value for your dollar.
We know your supply  budgets have to stretch further and every year. That’s why we put together a printable list of our savings on the top needs of education customers.

Item# Description Office
UNV-11202 Colored Paper, 20lb, 8-1/2 x 11, Blue, 500 Sheets/Ream 9.49 6.33
UNV-43671 Pen Style Dry Erase Marker, Fine Tip, Black, Dozen 13.99 2.99
PAP-2254 Mirado Black Warrior Woodcase Pencil, HB #2, Dozen 2.99 1.89
UNV-83436 Invisible Tape, 3/4″ x 1296″, 1″ Core, Clear 2.19 .89
MEA-09910 Black Marble Composition Book, Wide Rule, 9-3/4 x 7-1/2, 100 Sheets 2.99 1.50
RIE-NSCREGULAR National School Calendar, 12 Months, 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 10.22 9.50
MEA-05512 Spiral Notebook, College Rule, 8 x 10-1/2, White, 70 Sheets/Pad 1.99 .97
DIX-12886 Oriole Woodcase Presharpened Pencil, HB #2, Yellow Barrel, Dozen 2.59 1.74
UNV-47215 Ruled Index Cards, 3 x 5, White, 500/Pack 4.59 2.98
UNV-59022 Universal® Clear Plastic Ruler .99 .50
TOM-52180 Mono Aqua Liquid Glue, 1.69 oz, Liquid 2.59 1.83
UNV-75750 Permanent Glue Stick, .74 oz, Stick, 12/Pack 11.39 7.33
DUC-PTY2 Poster Putty, Removable/Reusable, Nontoxic, 2 oz/Pack 1.99 1.69
UNV-00154 Rubber Bands, Size 54, Assorted Length Sizes, 1lb Pack 7.29 4.18
UNV-35669 Standard Self-Stick Notes, 3 x 3, 4 Pastel Colors, 12 100-Sheet Pad 13.33 3.41

Start shopping and saving today!

How to organize classrooms with a pocket chart.


Teachers already appreciate classroom pocket charts as a teaching resource. Now, one of our customers shared her idea of using Learning Resources® Tabletop Pocket Charts as a classroom processing center.  From our customer, here’s how to organize class records with a pocket chart:

Breakfast card madness! Current daily method: lay 400 cards flat on a table for “self-distribution/processing.” Now, visualize 11 of these babies in a row with the top pocket for grade and teacher’s name/picture. Student cards will go in the lower 4 pockets; one side of row on tabletop would be K and the other side 1st grade (bigger kids already key in their numbers).

Increased visibility of cards and teacher’s name is a BIG plus, especially the super-hectic first couple of months for us in a new kindergartner’s life. The exterior pocket should be handy for filing cards used that day until setup the following morning.

I’ve seen these charts as high as $22.00 each, so when I saw this ad , I knew it was pretty special. Free shipping over $75.00 is icing on a sweet cake!

What a great idea! Do you have tips or advice on how to organize your classroom? We’d love to see it! Drop your advice in the comments.

School Supply Checklist


Don’t want to to take your chances on winning the  Back to School Give-Away? Use this school supply checklist to get everything your kids need for the new school year.

Elementary School Supplies

Basic school supplies for early learners:

 Pencils  Crayons
 Pencil-top erasers  Washable markers
 Scissors  Watercolor paints
 Ruler  Sketch pad
 Pocket folders  Glue sticks
 Notebook   Supply box

Middle School Supplies

Middle school students need the same supplies as younger kids, plus:

 3 Ring Binders  Colored pencils
 Wide-ruled notebook paper  Dictionary
 Index Tabs  Calculator
 Spiral notebooks  Assignment notebook
Erasable Pens
source: Chicago Public Schools

OnTimeSupplies.com has everything you need, and at bargain prices to boot! Plus, they ship everything the same day, so your school supplies will arrive in just a day or two.

Teacher Bulletin Board Ideas: 10 Inspiring Back-to-School Boards.


Want to welcome your students back to school with an awesome bulletin board? Check out these teacher bulletin board ideas. Each of these boards was created by a real teacher — with a real teacher’s time and budget constraints. Prepare to be inspired!

Bee-Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

The cool part about this theme is that each cell of the “honeycomb” is a student drawing. Awesome class art project!

source: msdurning.blogspot.com

T-Shirt Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

This board is also personalized by contributions from students — each t-shirt is hand decorated.

source: proteacher.net

Train Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

Psst…you could use this one year after year. Just swap out the student pictures.

source: Classroom Displays & Bulletin Boards

Sheep Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

Baa puns never get old! Plus, the sheep are an easy class art project, requiring little more than paper bags, glue sticks, construction paper and cotton balls.

source: San Bernadino County Schools

Fish-Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

The hand-painted paper plate “scales” make for a fun finger painting project.

source: kids-finelines.blogspot.com

Fall-Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

The text on the leaves is computer printed, instead a hand written, giving the whole board a polished look.

source: boardsgalore.com (Not linked because the site appears to have malware issues.)

Undersea-Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

A flashy board created with lots of sparkly borders metallic trim.

source: californiaenglishteacher.blogspot.com

Falling Leaves-Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

A beautiful, simple board, though cutting (then stapling) all those leaves seems like a lot of work! Time for a class project!

source: thevirtualvine.com

Bug-Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

You can’t forget the convenience, and polished results, you get from prepackaged bulletin board kits.

source: proteachers.net

You can find every thing you need to make your bulletin board ideas a reality at OnTimeSupplies.com, including:

and more. Need a little more inspiration to get you going? Check out bulletinboardideas.org. They’ve compiled hundreds of great ideas from teachers around the country.

School Administrator save on discount school supply orders at OnTimeSupplies.com.

Save on your discount school supply order with bulk pricing at OnTimeSupplies.com.

Another school year, another round of budget cuts. Like everyone else in this economy, school administrators have to do more with less. Luckily OnTimeSupplies.com is here to help with discounted bulk pricing on more school items than ever before. You can save up to 60% when your order in bulk. And, since OnTimeSupplies.com ships discount school supply orders in just 1-2 days, you save money and time.

See the most extensive discount school supply selection online.

OnTimeSupplies.com carries more than 40,000 products, so you’re sure to find everything on your school supply lists, including:

– bulk craft supplies
– school calendars
– 3 ring binders
– classroom decorations
– fine writing instruments
– school nurse supplies
– lesson planners

and more.  Check out their discount school supply selection today.

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At OnTimeSupplies.com, you get more than speedy shipping and bargain prices. You also get to work with the best customer service team in the industry. The folks at OnTimeSupplies.com know their stuff and are available toll-free at 1-866-501-6055. Call in for:

  • help locating hard-to-find items
  • advice on the choosing the best product for your needs
  • assistance with online ordering
  • any problems or questions

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Stay Organized This School Year with School Organization Supplies Lists & More Organizing Ideas

Having the right school supplies is key to your child’s success, so as a parent, you have to take your time and organize a school supplies list before you go back to school shopping. In fact, I recommend  putting together several school supplies lists, including a list of essential classroom supplies such as pens and pencils, art supplies, locker supplies, and school organization supplies. Continue reading