Pink White House: Federal Government Celebrates National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Last Monday, the White House was lit pink in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While you can’t match the display of a Pink House, you can promote breast cancer awareness at your office, thanks to low GSA pricing on Pink Ribbon Merchandise at

Government agencies: get the best GSA rates on Pink Ribbon Merchandise.

Buying Pink Ribbon Merchandise is quick, easy and economical at They’ve moved the government procurement process online, so you can use your goverment purchase card on the site and skip the extra paperwork. Plus, delivers your order in just 24-48 hours. Best of all,  your purchase will help fund breast cancer awareness and research. A portion of sales goes to trustworthy organizations, such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure and City of Hope.

Supply your office at the best GSA rates and help fight breast cancer? Not bad for speedy online shopping trip.  And don’t forget to enter the Pink Ribbon Giveaway. You could win some great prizes, and donates to Living Beyond Breast Cancer for every valid contest entry.

Inside the Government Procurement Process, Pt. 3: get GSA rates on discount office supplies at

Office Ink’s series Inside the Government Procurement Process has already shown you how to get the best GSA rates at GSA Advantage and DOD EMALL. We’ve saved the easiest GSA option for last. is the best place to get GSA rates on discount office supplies online. You’ll find a huge selection, and you’re guaranteed 1-2 day domestic delivery on most products. even delivers military office supplies to APO and FPO boxes to serve overseas military locations. But best of all, the their government procurement process is fast and hassle-free.

How to get GSA rates on the discount office supplies at offers the lowest GSA rates and the easiest government procurement process online. You don’t have to complete any extra paperwork — you can use your Government Purchase Card or purchase order number right on the site. Plus, it’s easy to find the best deal because you can see the GSA rates on all eligible product pages.

There are two quick ways to check out GSA rates at

  1. Use the search box to find products, then look for the GSA logo.
  2. Select a category from the dropdown menu and click the GSA Pricing  Only filter on the right of the screen.

If you’ve got 30 seconds to spare, create a free GSA account. With a GSA account, you can:

  • See only GSA rates;
  • Ship office supplies to multiple departments.

You can complete the government procurement process online, or call in your order toll-free at 1-866-501-6055. will take care of everything, and get your order to you in 24-48 hours.

We know you’re doing your best to get a great deal for your office and the American taxpayer.  Office Ink is happy to help.  Happy bargain hunting!

Inside the Government Procurement Process, Part 2: Get the best GSA rates at DOD EMALL.

Finding the best GSA rates & delivery terms is a snap when you shop for discount office supplies online. All you need is someone to guide you through the government procurement process. That’s where Office Ink comes in.
This week, we’re showing military & government customers where to go to get the lowest GSA rates on AbilityOne U.S Government Pens, 3 ring binders, business envelopes, printer ink and other basic office supplies. Last time, we visited GSA Advantage. Today, Office Ink will show you how to buy military office supplies at the best GSA rates at DOD EMALL.

CACs: the key to GSA rates on military office supplies & more at the DOD EMALL.

DOD EMALL is set up specifically for military personnel — the site’s motto is “1st Choice Support for the Warfighter” — but open to all government purchasers with Common Access Cards (CACs).

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your CAC Card Certificate Authentification
  3. Select Federal Strategic Sourcing Corridor at the “Change Corridor” menu
  4. Enter a keyword or part number in the search box.
  5. Select Independent Stationers & from the Suppliers list.
  6. Click “Search.”

Get GSA rates on discount office supplies at DOD EMALL delivers most GSA orders in 24-48 hours. However, If you’re ordering military office supplies for an overseas location, please allow an additional 7-14 days for delivery.

The government procurement process is a bit tricky at DOD EMALL, but as long as you have a valid CAC Card Certificate Authentification, you shouldn’t have any problems. If you run into any trouble, feel free to give a call at 1-866-501-6055. They’re happy to help.

We’ll wrap up the our series exploring the government procurement process this Friday with a look at the best way to get GSA rates on office supplies.

Inside the government procurement process: learn how to get the lowest GSA rates at GSA Advantage.

Doing more with less is a challenge for all offices in this tough economy. This is as true for schools and government agencies as it is for small business. In fact, Federal Agencies have been directed by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to cut expenses by 7% this year. The OMB estimates that this will save taxpayers a whopping $40 billion dollars!

Trimming that much fat from a budget is going to take some savvy shopping. Luckily, government customers can take advantage of special discounts negotiated by the General Services Administration (GSA). This week, Office Ink will demystify the government procurement process and help you get the most from your budget.

There are three places government customers can go to get reduced GSA rates for basic office supplies such as business envelopes, 3 ring binders, printer inks and toner, etc. They are:

Today we’ll take a look at GSA Advantage.

How to get GSA rates on office supplies at GSA Advantage.

GSA Advantage is set up so you can order discount office supplies from at GSA rates.  After you log in:

  1. Click on the BPA Products drop-down menu under the Strategic Sourcing BPAs headline.
  2. Select Independent Stationers
  3. Once you’re ready to check out, be sure to select as your BPA vendor so they can process your order. at GSA Advantage: get the best GSA rates & fastest delivery

If you have any issues, feel free to contact toll-free at 1-866-501-6055.

Hopefully, we’ve cleared up the government procurement process at GSA Advantage. Office Ink will take a look at DOD EMALL in the next post.

Skilcraft Pens celebrated for long career of government service.

Skilcraft Pens celebrated for long career of government service.

It’s not every pen that gets its own Washington Post profile, but then not all pens are U.S. Government Skilcraft Pens. Skilcraft pens are the official pen of the federal government, so you’ll have used them at post offices, military bases, gas stations and more .  Each Skilcraft Pen can write continuously for a mile at temperatures as high as 160 degrees and as low as 40 below. And with GSA pricing,  they cost less than 60 cents a pop.  But Skilcraft pens are noteworthy for more than their ubiquity, performance & modest price. The manufacturing process is pretty amazing too.

Skilcraft pens are assembled by blind workers at AbilityOne plants in Wisconsin and North Carolina. These plants turn our more than 4 million a year. Though the Postal Service alone order 700,000 a year, the military is AbilityOne’s biggest pen customer. Skilcraft pens have been used in war zones around the world, from Vietnam 40 years ago to Afghanistan today. Skilcraft Pens are so much a part of military life that Tiger Pens Blogger Tony Bridges, the son of a navy machinist, remember kids showing up at school with pellet guns made from reconfigured Skilcraft Pens.

Due to their long and storied history of military service, a lot of folklore has sprung up around the humble Skilcraft Pen. For example, the pens’ tips are said to be the maximum length allowed for women’s fingernails in the military. The pen is also said to equal the 150 nautical miles on Navy maps. I don’t know how true any of that is, but it certainly sounds good!

You don’t have to join the military or get a government job to get a few Skilcraft Pens of your own. Unlike many retailers, sells the pens to civilian and government customers. You don’t have to make any special requests. Just order online & your pens will arrive in a day or two.

Government Purchasers – Time To Stock up on GSA Calendars & Planners!

It’s use it or loose time for government purchasers! Luckily, On Time Supplies stocks everything you need to keep your office or base running smoothly. On Time Supplies caters to government customers, offering deep GSA discounts under GSA contract number GS-14F-0177D. Shopping the On Time Supplies GSA schedule is fast and easy!  Just register as a GSA customer at On Time Supplies and look for the blue GSA logo in the product description. The On Time Supplies GSA Schedule of more than 40,000 office supplies includes the GSA calenders and planners you need to start the 2011 fiscal year!

GSA Calendars

On Time Supplies offers a huge selection of 2011 GSA desk and wall calendars, as well as day calendar refills.

AT-A-GLANCE Yearly Wall Calendar

You get the benefit of the easy AT-A-GLANCE planning in a year long format. The GSA calendar is great for tracking quarterly projects and scheduling vacations. It even looks nice in the office, thanks to the decorative metal strips that also provide stability. Best of all, On Time Supplies knocks 45% off for GSA customers!

AT-A-GLANCE Monthly Desk Pad Calendar

On Time Supplies office the GSA AT-A-GLANCE desk pad calendar at 47% below the listed price. You can also use the GSA desk pad calender perfect for monthly planning and jotting down quick notes.

GSA Planners

On Time Supplies also features a nice collection of GSA appointment planners and books, including school and academic calenders, as well as fiscal year calendars.

AT-A-GLANCE Academic/Fiscal (Jul-Aug) Weekly Planner

GSA customers save 32% at On Time Supplies. The large GSA planner also works as a refill for AT-A-GLANCE PlannerFolio GSA appointment books.

You get the benefit of fast shipping and bulk pricing when you get your GSA calenders, planners and office supplies at On Time Supplies. The real live human customer service team at On Time Supplies is also happy to help. If have any questions about the GSA schedule and GSA pricing, you can call On Time Supplies toll free at 1-866-501-6055.

Big Box News: School District joins Office Depot investigations

News from Florida: the Lee County School district has announced that they, too, will be starting an investigation into potential overcharges by Office Depot, making them the fourth governmental agency in Florida to seek a refund.

The most interesting part of the whole thing, to me, is that officials from Lee County were contacted by none other than David Sherwin, former Office Depot accounts manager and all-around crusader for those who were taken in by the company’s fraud. To see his name keep popping up warms my heart; he said he was going to fight OD and he’s been sticking to his guns.

As is tradition, I remind everyone that the lesson to be learned from all these Office Depot mishaps is to find a reliable vendor that you trust for all your office supply purchases. Stick with the little guy; he’s got more incentive to treat you right. Selected to Prestigious Inc. 500 List

So cool to see us in the news! Over at PRNewsWire, there’s a press release about our parent company,  Now normally I try to downplay that relationship and stay focused on the latest in office supply news, but this is a pretty big deal. Plus, it came through my inbox from one of my various news aggregators! This is news, people! Below, the release in its entirety:

Atlanta-based credits its customer service and competitive pricing for being recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the nation’s fastest-growing privately owned companies.

(PRNewsChannel) / October 23, 2009 / Atlanta, Ga. / As the country tries to pull itself out of one of the deepest recessions of the last century, it’s hard enough for business owners to keep their companies afloat., based in Atlanta, has done more than that, however; culminating a fantastic fiscal year with a selection to the distinguished Inc. 500 list and recognition as one of the country’s fastest-growing companies, the company announced today.

Working with everything from small and large businesses to charitable organizations and government state agencies (GSAs), OnTimeSupplies has serviced more than 70,000 customers nationwide in a little more than four years in business. According to Miles Young, president of, the secret to his company’s remarkable growth has been its pledge to “make every customer a reference customer.”

“We thrive on referrals and that all starts with our customer service,” says Young. “We’re not satisfied with just making our customers ‘happy.’ We want them to be so excited that they will tell other people about our business. We’re driven by our customer service and it’s really paid dividends for us.”

In fact, the online office supplies outlet has built upon that customer philosophy to enjoy its most successful fiscal year in company history. OnTimeSupplies grew by more than 830% and saw its revenue increase by more than $2.3 million to earn a spot on the prestigious Inc. 500 list.

“We’re excited to be recognized,” says Young. “It’s a tremendous validation of the consistent hard work that we put in to ensure the best possible experience for our customers.”

Young and his company were officially recognized as one of the country’s 500 fastest-growing privately held companies by Inc. magazine at the Inc. 500|5000 Conference and Awards Ceremony held in National Harbor, Md., in September.

About Founded in 2004, is a full-service office supply store that prides itself on its customer service and fast, reliable delivery. The company offers everything from GSA office supplies to office furniture and even offers creative pricing options on bulk office supplies and discontinued clearance items to help in this tough economy. has serviced more than 70,000 customers and experienced remarkable growth in 2008.

Phone:  (866) 501-6055

Just an fyi, getting selected for the INC 500 is no small deal. This is just one of those things that makes me happy to work for a reputable, reliable company that takes care of its customers: you guys take care of us, too. Thanks for the support, and look for more exciting changes in the near future!

Oops: Missouri Lt. Governor Awards Contract to Company Under State Investigation

One of those head-scratchers. According to

Missouri’s Lieutenant Governor is calling for the immediate cancellation of a state contract after the I-Team exposed an embarrassing issue for Governor Jay Nixon’s administration.

The state awarded the estimated million-dollar contract to Office Depot, a company under investigation for allegations of bait and switch, deceptive pricing, and over-charging. Federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, the Department of Education, the General Accounting Administration, the Department of Justice and the SEC, have investigations into the office giant.

According to its 2009 second-quarter report, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Office Depot is under investigation in Florida, Texas, Missouri, Colorado, California and Ohio.

So basically, the Lt. Governor went ahead and offered a million dollars to a company that was being investigated for fraud…in that state. While the state has halted the contract pending further investigation, it’s still a bit of a black eye for whoever authorized that purchase order.

Oddly enough, Office Depot crusader David Sherwin appears in the article as well, saying basically the same thing. Maybe he should come work for us.

Office Depot Whistleblower Seeks Fla. Supreme Court Investigation

Our old friend David Sherwin, the Office Depot whistle-blower, is back in the news again, according to an article posted on Sherwin, who has been granted whistleblower protection by the state, is preparing a petition to have a case heard by the statewide grand jury that Gov. Charlie Crist hopes to impanel:

Crist has requested the Florida Supreme Court seat a statewide grand jury to investigate and review a number of alleged acts of public corruption in South Florida.

David Sherwin of Fort Myers was granted whistleblower protection in 2007, after coming forward with allegations that the office supply company overcharged taxpayers in six states of hundreds of millions of dollars. He is also alleging bid rigging, kickbacks, official misconduct, fraud and corrupt acts by Office Depot involving at least 12 South Florida government entities, including the City of Cape Coral, the City of Fort Myers, Lee County Port Authority, Lee County Board of County Commissioners and the Lee school board.

Sherwin says he hopes to present “detailed allegations of criminal wrongdoing” to the governor’s office as well as the state attorney’s office. As in every crusade where the little guy stands up against corruption, we wish him all the best.