Counterfeit Money A Direct Loss to Business


In these days of data breeches and identity theft, counterfeit fraud seems quaintly old-fashioned. It’s not. The U.S. Government estimates there are millions of  dollars of counterfeit bills in circulation. And unlike credit card fraud, there is no way for businesses to recoup the losses caused by counterfeit fraud. Continue reading

I dropped my iPhone water! How do I fix my phone?

i-dropped-my-iphone-water-how-do-i-fix-my-phone Ever had to junk a really expensive phone because you got it wet? Who hasn’t?!! The internet swears a bag of rice will dry wet cell phones, but I know from personal experience that it is a lot of bunk ( rest in peace, 2006 HTC Touch).  A new product at promises it is 7X more likely to fix cell phones dropped in water than the hit or miss rice trick.

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6 Organizing Tips Using Universal Classification Folders UNV10301


What is more frustrating then trying to hunt down a stray form or document in a massive filing system? Luckily, this common problem has a simple solution — keep related documents in one place. Unversal® Bright Colored Pressboard Classification Folders UNV10301, you can sort and store related documents and paperwork in one folder. That way, your paperwork is easy to organize and easy to find. Office Ink shows you how to use one classification folder — instead of a ton of regular file folders — to plan an event, track household expenses, organize business financials, sort project documents and more. Continue reading

Best Step Stools for Kids, Home & Office


Tired of wobbling on a chair every time you need to reach a high shelf or chance a light bulb? Office Ink blog is here to help you buy a step stool. Quick tips first:

  • One-step stools are good for simple stuff, like boosting kids up to the sink, or reaching the top shelf of your bookcase.
  • Folding step stools are easy to stow away when not in use.
  • Fiberglass step stools are best for electrical work because, unlike steel and aluminum step stools, they don’t conduct electricity.

Check out our picks for the best step stools for kids, home and the office.

Best Step Stools for Kids: Cramer® task* it™ Scooter™ Pod

Cramer® task* it™ Scooter™ Pod

The Cramer® task* it™ Scooter™ Pod is perfect for providing a little boost to the sink or counter. Plus, the  top comes off to reveal a handy storage space for tissue, cleaners and other bathroom supplies.

Best Step Stools for Home: Cosco® Three-Step Big Step Folding Step Stool

The Cosco® Three-Step Big Step Folding Step Stool is light to tote to where ever you need it, and versatile enough to handle everything from painting projects to changing a light bulb. The platform is handy for tools such as paint trays, hammers and more.

Cosco® Three-Step Big Step Folding Step Stool

Cramer® Original “Kik-Step” Stool

Best Step Stools for the Office: Cramer® Original “Kik-Step” Stool

The classic Cramer® Original “Kik-Step” Stool is sized just right for reaching that high file shelf. The wheeled base makes them easy to slide along a shelf or around a room.

Find out more information, like how tall are step stools, at On Time Step Stools at On Time Supplies    

Best Leather Office Chair: basyx® VL601 Mid-Back Leather Chair


From time to time, I like to highlight some of our best-reviewed office products. The All-Stars.  Trying  to find the best leather office chair?  Our customers have a recommendation for you. The basyx® VL601 Series Managerial Mid-Back Leather Chair is one of the bestselling office chairs at On Time Supplies. With a price tag of $113 and reviews like these, it’s easy to see why!

“If you need a quality chair at an affordable price this might be the chair for you.”

basyx® VL601 Series Managerial Mid-Back Leather Chair I just wanted to write a quick review on this chair that I purchased over the internet. I am currently working in Afghanistan as a contractor and was in desperate need of a new chair for my office. The process to purchases this chair was easy and user friendly. It only took about a week to arrive and was very easy to put together, only taking maybe 15 minutes to do so and tools were included. The chair is very comfortable and seems to be pretty durable. The leather seems to be of a high quality and I am sure it will hold up quite well over here. My boss likes it so much that he is going to order one for himself as well. So if you need a quality chair at an affordable price this might be the chair for you.

– Jason from Camp Marmal, Afghanistan

“I have had this chair for going on 5 years now and I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase.” 

I have had this chair for going on 5 years now and I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. The pieces were surprisingly simple to put together and the compact size of it fits well in my medium sized room. The chair is still as comfortable as when I first bought it however, on a down note, one of the arms has become loose, I have tried tightening the screw but I think the hole is rounded so it just keeps spinning without tightening. This started about a year ago. Other than that I have had no other problems with this chair. All of the features still work perfectly, the one thing I was originally worried about was quality of the leather and would it hold up over the years. My chair has been used very heavily and has endured 3 moves over the last 3 years and to date not a single hole, tear, or rip. What can I say, for the price it has exceeded my expectations.

 from Sacramento, CA

All that & free shipping to boot! It’s easy to see why so many of our customers think the basyx® VL601 Series Managerial Mid-Back Leather Chair is the best leather office chair online!

Product Review of the Day — Spotlight on Pilot® B2P, the environmentally friendly gel pen

We love hearing from our customers at On Time Supplies. We read all the reviews, and get positively giddy when we get on we know will help our other customers. We got a really awesome review on Pilot® B2P Bottle-2-Pen Gel Pens recently and just had to share it. Looking for an environmentally friendly pen that writes like a dream? One of our Montana customers thinks you should give Pilot a try:

Pilot® B2P Bottle-2-Pen Gel Pen: my new favorite pen!

Pilot® B2P Bottle-2-Pen Gel Pen This is the best pen I have owned in a long time. I do a lot of writting and love this smooth writing pen does not smear and is comfortable to write with. Just did 100 wedding invitations and could keep addressing all day. This is by far my new favorite pen comes in blue and black would love to see if there are more colors as I color code my gradebook.- computer_teacher from Montana

Well, computer_teacher teacher is in luck! You can buy Pilot B2P Gel Pens at On Time Supplies in red, blue, and black — perfect for color coding entries in your lesson planner! Also, congrats on the wedding!

Teachers review on Environmentally Friendly Dry Erase Markers


Your feedback matters at On Time Supplies. We read every review posted on the site, and are always really excited to hear what you think of our products and our service. Our customers are so thoughtful, and sometimes we get a great review we just have to share. Pilot Pen’s “BeGreen” environmentally friendly dry erase markers fly off the virtual shelves during school school months. And thanks to all the great reviews we get from teachers, we know why.

Teachers LOVE Pilot® BeGreen® Eco-Friendly Dry Erase Markers!

This is a great white board marker. It writes boldly without leaving residue after erasing. Also, it does not erase itself when you mark over the same place more than once like most white board markers do. So if you need to write in cursive on the board this is an excellent tool to use.
– ejkern01 from Louisville, KYI teach second grade and the kids use dry-erase markers all the time on their whiteboards. Someone’s marker is always going dry. It will be nice to have a refill handy and at a reasonable price. I love this product!
– Georgeanne from ILT

This Dry Erase Marker is one of the best markers I have used.
– klcraig from Oakfield, WI

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this marker was so green for the environment, I commend the thought of this marker! It has an ease of use and very durable casing. The fact that it has the replaceable parts makes this such an ease on money, the environment and use. Costs much less than expected and less waste after use. To me these markers should replace all other dry erase marker products.
 NeverMore from Winterset, IA

Time to stock up on dry erase markers for your classroom? Try Pilot® BeGreen® Dry Erase Markers. And don’t forget to tell us what you think!

Product Review — Spotlight on quick ship rubber bands.


I’ve started highlighting customer reviews from On Time Supplies on the blog because we get so many great ones. We are super proud of the huge selection of top-quality office supplies we offer at On Time Supplies, and are so happy when people tout those benefits in their reviews. But we also know that sometimes, when you’re shopping for office supplies online, you just want them fast and cheap! Well, we’ve got you covered there too.  Our house brand, Universal, offers thousands of cheap alternatives to name-brand office supplies. Plus, we can pretty much guarantee delivery of Universal products in two business days, as our Texas customer discovered when she ordered Universal Rubber Bands. Continue reading

Review of the day: save $200 on bulk price Pendaflex File Jackets.

Pendaflex File Jacket Review

We get so many thoughtful office supply reviews at On Time Supplies, I’ve started highlighting them on Office Ink. These reviews are totally unsolicited and come from real customers. I love to read all the comments, but I have to admit, my favorite are the ones that show how independent On Time Supplies offers better service, better deals and better selection than the big box chain stores. One of our North Carolina customers had just that experience when he discovered our discount bulk pricing on Pendaflex® Manila Reinforced File Jackets:

I saved $200 on File Jackets at On Time Supplies!

pendaflex-file-jackets These file jackets are identically made to a folder we used to get from one of the big box stores, only we saved almost $200.00 by ordering them from On Time Supplies. It took maybe one extra day to receive the folders, but that kind of savings on a cosmetically identical jacket made it worth the wait. The jackets are made of a thick, high quality stock and the tab at the top is doubled over and glued making them much more durable in our filing cabinets than some others we have tried. These are perfect for keeping all materials pertaining to an individual job together!

– holderrobin from Huntersville, NC

Try Pendaflex Manila File Jackets. Save your company $200 bucks and be a hero to the guys and gals in the green eyeshades!