Kids Are Getting Drunk on Hand Sanitizer

Kids Getting Drunk on Hand Sanitizer
More kids are getting dangerously drunk on hand sanitizer, according to according to the Georgia Poison Center in a report at

“Kids are getting into these products more frequently, and unfortunately, there’s a percentage of them going to the emergency room,” said Dr. Gaylord Lopez, the center’s director.

The amount of alcohol in hand sanitizer ranges from 45% to 95%. Ingesting even small amounts — as little as two or three squirts in some cases — can cause alcohol poisoning. By comparison, wine and beer contain about 12% and 5% alcohol…

…3,266 hand sanitizer cases related to young children were reported to poison control centers in 2010. In 2014, the number increased to 16,117 cases.

In many cases, the hand sanitizer is ingested by young children who are unaware of the intoxicating effects. But some kids are also drinking the stuff on purpose, looking to get drunk. In either case, Lopez recommends storing hand sanitizer out of the reach of children and monitoring the use. You can also switch to an alcohol-free hand product, such as Kleenex® Alcohol-Free Foam Hand Sanitizer.

Of course, the best way to kill germs on hands is to wash them with plain soap and water. That’s because hand washing kills viruses as well as bacteria, including cold & flu viruses. Save the sanitizer for when you aren’t anywhere near a sink.

Remove dry erase marker stains from clothes w/ alcohol and hairspray.

Let’s be honest — few teachers or students miss the dusty, sneeze-y mess of classroom chalkboards. But some have discovered they’ve traded the problems of chalk dust for dry erase marker stains. Professional house cleaner Rachel Yatuzis says she removes dry erase marker stains from clothes with a one-two punch of rubbing alcohol and hairspray.

I can’t personally attest to the value of Yatuzis’ method, since I haven’t set foot near a classroom dry erase board in more years than I care to count. However, alcohol and hairspray are well documented stain fighters, and her method tracks with other cleaning methods we’ve found over the years (we’ve also heard that Murphy’s Oil Soap works as well).

If you’ve got a dry erase marker stain on an item of clothing, give her method a try and let us know how it works for you in the comments. Also, be sure to share any of your tips for getting rid of ink stains.

Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to Clean & Restore Golf Club Grips

A dirty golf club grip is more than just a gross sponge of dirt and sweat. It can also be an impediment to your swing. The trick to cleaning all the gunk from your golf club grips? A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, says  Stephen Boccieri, president of Boccieri Golf

Boccieri says a Magic Eraser and a little water does more than clean your grips, it rejuvenates them so they feel like they did when you bought them. Magic Erasers look like sponges, but they are actually super-fine scrubbers. The mild abrasion loosens and cleans dirt to restore the finish of your grips.

I’ve seen cleaning tutorials recommending everything from sandpaper and rubbing alcohol to buying a new grips. Boccieri’s Magic Eraser tip seems way easier and cheaper.


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Cleaning golf grips is just one of the many uses for Magic Erasers. I recommend checking out the Mr. Clean Clean Book for more ideas on how to use Magic Erasers.

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