How to organize classrooms with a pocket chart.


Teachers already appreciate classroom pocket charts as a teaching resource. Now, one of our customers shared her idea of using Learning Resources® Tabletop Pocket Charts as a classroom processing center.  From our customer, here’s how to organize class records with a pocket chart:

Breakfast card madness! Current daily method: lay 400 cards flat on a table for “self-distribution/processing.” Now, visualize 11 of these babies in a row with the top pocket for grade and teacher’s name/picture. Student cards will go in the lower 4 pockets; one side of row on tabletop would be K and the other side 1st grade (bigger kids already key in their numbers).

Increased visibility of cards and teacher’s name is a BIG plus, especially the super-hectic first couple of months for us in a new kindergartner’s life. The exterior pocket should be handy for filing cards used that day until setup the following morning.

I’ve seen these charts as high as $22.00 each, so when I saw this ad , I knew it was pretty special. Free shipping over $75.00 is icing on a sweet cake!

What a great idea! Do you have tips or advice on how to organize your classroom? We’d love to see it! Drop your advice in the comments.

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