How are binders measured? The Ultimate 3-Ring Binder Size Guide.

How are binders measured? That is one of the most common questions we get from customers at What they really want to know is how big a binder they need for their projects. So Office Ink is here to clear up the mystery of 3-ring binder sizing.

Let’s clear up one thing first:  3-Ring Binders are measured by the ring diameter. So this 1″ Avery View Binder  has 1″ binder rings, this Universal 4″ D-Ring Binder has 4″ rings, and so on.

The bigger the binder ring, the more pages the binder holds. The shape of the ring also affects capacity. Round ring binders hold the fewest pages; D-ring binders hold the most. Use the 3 ring binder size chart below to find out what size binders you’ll need for your project.

Round Ring Binders Size Chart

Avery® Economy Reference Binder with Round RingsAvery® Economy Binder with Round Rings

from $1.89 / EA! 

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Universal® Round Ring View BindersUniversal® Round Ring View Binders

from $1.60 / EA!

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Round ring binders are staples of offices and classrooms for a very good reason — they are typically the cheapest option. In the case of binders, cheap doesn’t mean shoddy. Round ring binders are a great choice when you need just need a basic binder for your documents.

Ring Size: Sheet Capacity:
½” 100 Sheets
1″ 175 Sheets
1½” 275 Sheets
2″ 375 Sheets
3″ 460 Sheets

D-Ring Binders Size Chart

Universal One™ D-Ring Economy View BinderUniversal One™ D-Ring Economy View Binder

from $2.38 / EA! 

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Samsill® Nonstick D-Ring View BinderSamsill® Nonstick D-Ring View Binder

from $6.73 / EA!

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D-ring binders have two great advantages over basic round ring binders — they hold more pages and last longer. D-ring binders are ideal for:

  • large projects.
  • frequently referenced materials like traning manual and reference guides.
  • frequent use. Thanks to the extra-durability of the rings, you can use D-ring binders over and over again without breaking or warping the rings.
Ring Size Sheet Capacity
1″ 200-275 Sheets
1½” 350-430 Sheets
2″ 480-540 Sheets
3″ 600-670 Sheets
4″ 700-780 Sheets
5″ 1,300 Sheets

Slant Ring Binders Size Chart  

Avery® Durable EZD™ Ring BinderAvery® Durable EZD™ Ring Binder

from $3.67 / EA! 

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Cardinal® Premier Easy Open® Tabloid Locking Slant-D® Ring BindersCardinal® Tabloid Slant-D® Ring Binders

from $18.27 / EA!

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Slant ring binders are the sturdiest of the lot. But what you gain in durability, you lose in capacity. Slant rings are more durable than D-rings, but they hold fewer pages. Slant ring binders are the best choice for large documents that will see a lot of use. 

Ring Size Sheet Capacity
½” 120 Sheets
1″ 220 Sheets
1½” 375 Sheets
2″ 480 Sheets
3″ 600 Sheets
4″ 725 Sheets
5″ 975 Sheets

More 3-ring binder info.

You can find in-depth information about the different binder styles in our buying guide.

5 comments on “How are binders measured? The Ultimate 3-Ring Binder Size Guide.

  • Trying to match some binders I have and need help determining the size I need. I have d rings (3) and the binder back/edge measures 2.5 inches. Is this a 2″ ring?
    Do you have binders that are not plastic covered?
    Thank you!

    • Spine sizes will vary from binder to binder. The most accurate way to measure your binder is to measure the rings. Use a ruler and measure from the top of the closed ring to the bottom.

  • I don't care about the size of the ring. I'm looking for a 3 ring binder that will hold 7X9 size paper. Do you have anything like that?

  • Sharon Willner says:

    I have shallow European cabinets and the maximum WIDTH of the binder can be no more than 11 inches. Most of the Avery binders are 11.5 inches wide. Do you have any 2 inch binders that are no more than 11 inches wide?


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