How to write with a quill pen
Just because you aren’t a Founding Father or a student at Hogwarts doesn’t mean you can’t write with a quill pen. In a world of touchscreens and keyboards, learning how to write with a quill pen is fun hobby that doesn’t require any special calligraphy skills. NostalgicImpressions offers a great intro to writing with a quill pen  in the video above. The antique document reproducers at Sullivan Press offers  a couple more tips on how to write with a quill pen:

  • Keep a light hand: modern pens require a lot more pressure than quills. Keep the pressure light when you’re writing with a quill pen to avoid damaging your pen.
  • Keep it steady: try not to lift your pen or change writing directions when writing with a quill pen — you’ll end up getting ink everywhere. Instead, imagine you are drawing a fine, continuous line.
  • Use smooth stationery: yeah, fancy textured laid stationery paper looks awesome, but start out using plain old smooth stationery when learning how to write with a quill pen. It’s easier to maintain the light pressure needed for quills when you aren’t trying to write over the ridges and bumps of fancier stationery.You can play around with textured stationery once you’ve had some practice.

You can use anything from powdered calligraphy ink to widely available India Inks to write with a quill pen. All you need is practice!

Sources: Sullivan Press, NostalgicImpressions

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