Mead School Supplies Never Go Out of Style!

When I saw this old school Mead Trapper Keeper ad, I immediately flashed back to my own school days. Well, immediately after laughing at those ’80s hairstyles. While I was always sad to see the summer end and return to school, I still enjoyed the back to school shopping. Back in the day, the best part of school shopping was stocking up on all things Lisa Frank — binders, note books and stickers too.

Every kid needs a good supply of Mead products at the start of the new school year. That’s why On Time Supplies giving away Mead note books and filler paper as part the Back To School Give-away! They’re not be emblazoned with day-glo unicorns, for which your children will thank you! Kids today just don’t appreciate the retina-burning neon like we did in the old days!

To get your chance to win a school year’s supply of Mead note books, loose leaf paper and other essential school supplies, all you have to do is subscribe to Smart Office and drop us a comment here telling us you really want them!

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