Office Ink Review – Avery NoteTabs Put To The Test

I took another dip into my big box of Avery Box Tops goodies. Avery Box Tops office supplies come with coupons you can collect to raise money for your kids’ school. This weekend, I took Avery’s NoteTabs out for a spin to bring you this Office Ink Review.

Avery bills NoteTabs as “notes, tabs and flags in one” – as useful an innovation as I’ve every heard. I’m sure you guys will want to use Avery NoteTabs on lots of very important documents, text books and planners. I just tested mine out on magazines to highlight the fall looks that I’m going to look great in and cute haircuts. I usually have to rip out a magazine pages that have information or pictures I want to save. Thanks to Avery NoteTabs, my W magazines stay intact, just the way Conde Nast intended! That officially earns Avery NoteTabs a “thumbs up” from Office Ink.

Avery NoteTabs are a significant upgrade from you standard flimsy page flags. They’re pretty sturdy, so you can grab a tab and turn right to your indexed page. Plus, they provide a nicely sized, see-through writing surface, so you can highlight text on a page and jot yourself a note. Best of all, they are completely removable and repositional. You can use Avery NoteTabs over and over again. You don’t have to deface your reference books and important documents anymore with highlighters, hard to remove page flags, or by writing notes directly on the page.

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