Managing Potentially Awkward Workplace Scenarios

I came across a great article outlining some easy ways to cut stress at the workplace by managing 10 different sticky situations. It’s aimed at employers, but there’s no reason you can’t apply the information to making your own office life a little smoother. Check out the article to find out what to do when:

1. Two employees start dating or break up
2. An employee shares too much personal information with co-workers
3. A laid-off employee turns vengeful
4. Employees wear politics or religion on their sleeve
5. Employees think a co-worker got an undeserved promotion
6. An employee is planning a wedding and annoying co-workers
7. An employee who needs to drive on the job gets a DUI
8. An employee’s substance-abuse problem is becoming obvious
9. There’s conflict between childless employees and working parents
10. An employee is taking advantage of company money or equipment

The last one is what set off my flags regarding office-supply news. Employee theft of your hard-earned equipment is no laughing matter, and the article lists some good ways to deal with it discretely and humanely. Remember folks, that stapler may not seem like much to you, but after a hundred go missing every year, your boss is going to start getting grouchy. The good news is: they’re cheap! Buy your own!


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