Show your friends you’re supporting our troops & will make charitable donations of goods to HeroBox.

American service member are heroes that help and protect us all in so many ways, and they do it at great personal costs. loves our troops, and February is the month of love! That’s why the discount office supplies retailer is making charitable donations of goods to HeroBox all month long. HeroBox is an amazing organization that provides needed items and moral support to deployed U.S. troops. That’s a mission we all can get behind! So show your friends you’re supporting our troops and will make a donation of 50¢ in goods to HeroBox.

Want to show your love for the troops and help HeroBox get charitable donations of goods from Here’s how:

  1. Follow online at Twitter or Facebook, or subscribe to Smart Office, our online blog about office supplies.
  2. Post this message on our Facebook wall, on Twitter or in the comments of the Smart Office HeroBox post:
    “Join me in supporting our troops! Follow + repost & @HeroBox get charitable donations of goods!”

The link must be included! If you post your message of support in the comments of this post, plus on Twitter and Facebook, will make three donations to HeroBox — one for each post. So show some love for the troops, tell all your friends and help aid the HeroBox mission of supporting our troops.

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