Teacher Bulletin Board Ideas: 10 Inspiring Back-to-School Boards.


Want to welcome your students back to school with an awesome bulletin board? Check out these teacher bulletin board ideas. Each of these boards was created by a real teacher — with a real teacher’s time and budget constraints. Prepare to be inspired!

Bee-Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

The cool part about this theme is that each cell of the “honeycomb” is a student drawing. Awesome class art project!

source: msdurning.blogspot.com

T-Shirt Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

This board is also personalized by contributions from students — each t-shirt is hand decorated.

source: proteacher.net

Train Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

Psst…you could use this one year after year. Just swap out the student pictures.

source: Classroom Displays & Bulletin Boards

Sheep Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

Baa puns never get old! Plus, the sheep are an easy class art project, requiring little more than paper bags, glue sticks, construction paper and cotton balls.

source: San Bernadino County Schools

Fish-Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

The hand-painted paper plate “scales” make for a fun finger painting project.

source: kids-finelines.blogspot.com

Fall-Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

The text on the leaves is computer printed, instead a hand written, giving the whole board a polished look.

source: boardsgalore.com (Not linked because the site appears to have malware issues.)

Undersea-Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

A flashy board created with lots of sparkly borders metallic trim.

source: californiaenglishteacher.blogspot.com

Falling Leaves-Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

A beautiful, simple board, though cutting (then stapling) all those leaves seems like a lot of work! Time for a class project!

source: thevirtualvine.com

Bug-Themed Classroom Bulletin Board

You can’t forget the convenience, and polished results, you get from prepackaged bulletin board kits.

source: proteachers.net

You can find every thing you need to make your bulletin board ideas a reality at OnTimeSupplies.com, including:

and more. Need a little more inspiration to get you going? Check out bulletinboardideas.org. They’ve compiled hundreds of great ideas from teachers around the country.

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