Counterfeit Money A Direct Loss to Business


In these days of data breeches and identity theft, counterfeit fraud seems quaintly old-fashioned. It’s not. The U.S. Government estimates there are millions of  dollars of counterfeit bills in circulation. And unlike credit card fraud, there is no way for businesses to recoup the losses caused by counterfeit fraud.

You may get fooled by a counterfeit bill, but when you go to deposit your cash intake, your bank will not. Banks are equipped to detect most fake money, refuse deposit and send it to the Secret Service. The business that took in the money in the first is just out of the money.

Counterfeit bills are a particular hazard for small businesses that handle a lot of cash transactions, such as restaurants and convenience stores. The only thing to do to avoid a direct loss to your business is to invest in a counterfeit detection product. Counterfeit bill markers cost as little as a couple bucks, but they are not as accurate or discrete as machines. Royal Sovereign makes two of our favorites.

RCD-2000: 4-way counterfeit bill detector spots fake IDs too.

Royal Sovereign’s RCD-2000 Counterfeit Bill Detector is their #1 seller for good reason. It offers four different counterfeit bill detectors in one machine, and can even spot fake IDs. With the RCD-2000 you get:

  • Ultraviolet Detection: verifies the security threads on bills and the holographic images on driver’s licenses and state IDs.
  • Watermark Verification: reveals the watermark located on the right side of authentic bills.
  • Microprint Detection: magnifies the microprint text printed on the security threads of authentic bills.
  • Magnetic Ink Detection: verifies the presence of the magnetic iron ink used to print authentic bills.

RCD-4000: infrared camera provides most accurate detection.

The RCD-4000 offers only one method of counterfeit bill detection, but it’s a powerful one.  Authentic bills have a security strip that is only visible under infrared light. This strip is almost impossible for counterfeiters to reproduce. The RCD-4000 infrared camera allows you to verify strip presence of the strip.

Plus, the RCD-4000 requires no replacement bulbs or parts. So, while it is a higher initial investment, it has a lower operating cost over time.

Business is tough enough without falling victim to counterfeiters. Counterfeit bill detectors are an simple method of avoiding fraud.

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