4 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy at Work.


Be honest. Is it harder to resist the lure of Facebook in the afternoon? You know — that 3 o’clock hour, when quitting time seems so close, yet so far away. Well, you’re not alone. We get most of our visits to the  On Time Supplies Facebook page after lunch. And Fast Company shared a poll that found most people mentally check out of work at 2:55 p.m.:

The respondents said that 2:55 p.m. was the low point of the day’s output: Most folks said they were either checking social media or planning for their evening.

Of course, “but boss, everybody’s lazy in the afternoon” is going to fly if you get caught zoning out on the job. Try these productivity tips before you end up on everyone’s you-know-what list.

4 Natural Energy Boosts You Can Do at Work.

  1. Have a proper lunch: get away from your desk and give yourself a proper break, instead of scarfing down a sandwich in front of your computer. Taking the time to naturally boost  your physical and mental energy with real food and a real break is essential to preventing burnout.
  2. Carve out a little nap time: they don’t call it the power nap for nothing. Study after study shows that a 20 minute nap will help you stay sharp and alert through your work day. 
  3. Take mini breaks: instead of slogging through hours and hours of work only to crash in the afternoon, break your day into 90 minute chunks, and reward yourself with mini breaks.
  4. Get up and move: those mini-breaks are the perfect opportunity to get up, stretch your legs and get the blood flowing. Most experts don’t recommend sitting for more than two hours a stretch anyway. Revive your flagging energy levels and minimize the health risks associated with sedentary job with a quick walk around the office or up and down the stairs.

How do you stay alert, focused and productive after lunch? Share your energy boosting advice in the comments.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Fast Company

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