Best New Year’s Resolution Idea: resolve to be organized.

Try a New Year’s resolution you can keep this year. Resolve to be more organized in 2013. Office Ink shows you a few ways to keep that resolution.

Declutter your desk with desk files.

Can’t see your desk for all the paperwork, files and memos? Get yourself a step file and a few colored file folders and declutter your desk. 3 ring binders are another great solution for desk clutter. Armed with a stack of binders, a hole punch, some index tabs and sheet protectors, your can clear the clutter from any desk. More tips on decluttering a messy office desk here.

Free up file cabinet space with file storage boxes.

Are you devoting a lot of your file cabinet space to storing files your rarely need to reference, but can’t throw away? Free up cabinet space by shifting old files to file storage boxes. Archive old file storage boxes

Organize files with a color coding.

Group your files into major categories, then assign each group a file folder color. Color coding makes filing and retrieving documents go a lot faster. Check out our previous post for more information on setting up a color coded filing system.

Add storage with a new file cabinet or two.

Of course, sometimes you just have to break down and buy a new file cabinet. Use our guide to find the right file cabinet  size and style for your office.

Manage your time with productivity apps.

Once you’ve taken control of your files, take control of your day. There are a ton of apps out that help you better manage your time. EasyTask Manager is a great free app. Check out our guide to the best productivity apps and start accomplishing more in a day.

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