Gadget DIY: Wall outlet charger caddy for home or office

Found via Lifehacker, this cool blog post from Zakka Life outlines a craft project to make your very own cell phone holder that hangs from the wall outlet it’s charging from. The charger itself pins the plastic caddy in place.

I always thought this was one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas when I saw some of the other models on the market; made from silicone or thin plastic, they couldn’t have cost more than a few cents to make and were selling for $15-20.

Apparently over at Zakka Life they had the same idea, because the caddy you see here is made from an empty lotion bottle, with a total cost of $0. That’s my kind of project!

This sort of thing would be perfect in a cubicle with a wall-mounted power strip, or anywhere you don’t want the cord trailing around while you put your cell phone or mp3 player in a safe place to charge. Right now, this design has the cord sitting in the “basket”, but you could also cut the “neck” between the pouch and the outlet a little thinner, and wrap the cord around that while charging.

You could also make it a little deeper, plug in a wall charger for your rechargeable batteries, and keep the spares in the pouch. All in all, a neat project that’s easy to put your own spin on, and a good way to save some cash.

3 comments on “Gadget DIY: Wall outlet charger caddy for home or office

  • Judy Rovno says:

    Thanks !!!I found one on the Kim Kamando website for around $15 plus shipping, but was thrilled to find a way to make my own with no cost KUDDOS to you!!!!! Being a starving Real Estate agent I really apprieciate it!!!!

  • Judy Rovno says:

    Sadly they took it off that site due to safety reasons I suppose you need to use the correct materials or it could melt???? or something????


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