Helpful Hints: Making Your Office Faster & More Efficient

Many workers, whether in an office building or working out of the home, are constantly spending valuable work time simply maintaining organization of materials. As most know, doing this can be time consuming and as they say, time is money. I know I myself, as both an office employee and a college student trying to juggle a million different things at once, would like to maximize my efficiency so I can get meaningful work done quickly, and to take advantage of all the non-academic perks of collegiate living.

Luckily, there are many products out there that can be put to this use, making your office or study area more organized without spending the time, money and effort in hiring a personal assistant as I sometimes wish I could. And some of these products, for lack of a more Shakespearean description, are just downright cool.

Take the Wireless USB Modem, for example. In a tiny device about the size of your thumb, you get the convenience of mobile broadband access to networks, with a microSD card slot for storage to boot. Need to run to a meeting where you may need speedy network access, and running short on time to figure out the logistics of it? No problem, just take this mobile device with you and you can hop onto any EV-DO Revision A network. If I want to take my laptop somewhere outside of my workspace or office, or may need to use a completely different computer, I can confidently know that with this wireless modem and a wireless network nearby I can get my work done in the location I desire free of hassle.

Another product to make your office life a bit easier is the Scooter Rack. I know, having one job in an engineering firm with drawings and files everywhere, the office space can get pretty cluttered pretty quickly with drawings of plans and other necessary documents that need to be held on to, but in a discrete location. This compact portable rack can store half-size prints in an orderly fashion, and can fit beneath a desk, maximizing your usage of the available volume in your office. Besides maybe a trashcan and your legs, there’s plenty of wasted space under your desk, so why not put a product such as this to good use?

And finally, in the just plain “cool” category – the SILVER SEAL keyboard is fully submersible and dishwasher safe (believe it or not!) and made of special antimicrobial plastic. Everyone’s dirty little secret is their inevitable snacking at their desk, which of course leads to spills and crumbs jamming up your keyboard and causing headaches – with this product this won’t be a problem! (SEAL SHIELD)

Don’t spend more time than you have to worrying about connectivity, organization of files, and computer equipment being rendered extremely difficult to use – a smart investment in products like these today can save you energy, time, and headaches tomorrow.

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