2016 Back to School Giveaway Winner


Our back to school giveaway contest is now closed!

Congratulations to Kelly Wright! Here’s the winning entry:

My favorite student is hard to pick, but I would have to go with Jasmine Davis. Jasmine was a full time collage student, double major and still worked 40 hours a week + and always had a smile on her face. She never complained about her studies or work and was always willing to go the extra mile for anyone. She is a true inspiration and I am proud to say that I know her. She has deeply impacted my life!

We were touched and inspired about your comments on teachers who inspired you.  We have been very fortunate to receive extra donations and we would like to share those gifts to you! A few additional people have been chosen to receive these additional gifts and will be notified by e-mail. Have a great 2016 school year!

Didn’t win the giveaway? No worries, you’ll find the best deals on school supplies online at OnTimeSupplies.com. And keep watching the Office Ink Blog for more chances to win free products from On Time Supplies!

2016 Back to School Giveaway Prize Package.

This year’s prize package includes classroom essentials from your favorite school supply brands! You can browse (and shop!) the complete Back to School Giveaway Prize Package here, but here is a preview:

• $130 worth of Avery Labels.
• $300+ in organizers from Avery and Quality Park.
• $300 in Scotch Tape, Post-it Notes and more from 3M.
• $400 in Pens, Pencils, Correction Tape and more from Pentel, Tombow, and other top brands!
• $390 in classroom arts and craft supplies from Avery, Fiskars and X-ACTO.
• $250 in first aid and hygiene supplies from Curad, Dial, LYSOL and Kleenex.

The fine print.

The 2016 Back to School Giveaway ends August 19, 2016. We’ll announce the winner Wednesday, August 24th. The contest is open to residents of the continental U.S. over the age of 18. All prizes subject to availability and subject to substitution.

Quick Office Supply Tips!!

This is going to be the first of our new segment for “Quick Office Supply Tips.”  These are based on real questions from customers that we feel could benefit others considering purchasing office supplies, office furniture, etc.  The questions are not in any particular order at this time and they are posted as we receive them from our customers.  I really hope they help and please feel free to post comments!

CUSTOMER: Does the Quartet Magnetic Dry Erase Board promote “ghosting?”

QUARTET REPLY: Ghosting occurs as a result of the solvents (usually alcohol) in dry markers that effectively make the board cleaner where there has been writing. This remains visible after the ink is wiped off, but ghosting disappears after a short time. The Quartet Magnetic Dry Erase Board is not supposed to at all because it’s porcelain; melamine boards are at a higher risk for ghosting.

Protect Your Identity!

Since our sister site, OnTimeSupplies.com, is an on-line merchant, they are constantly upgrading their software with the latest security, and making sure that customers’ personal information is protected.  They take security extremely seriously and are always on guard for identity theft.

I was actually looking at a couple of our primary vendors sites and found some great information and products for typical consumers that will help keep your information secure.  Most of the tips are common sense, but there may be a couple of tips that maybe helpful for you!  Please feel free to add any that are helpful in the comments section.  Thanks!

FROM biggestbook.com “What can you do to protect yourself.  Here are some hints:”

– Don’t leave sensitive documents on your desk if you are not in the room.
– Make sure your file cabinets lock.
– Invest in a shredder to shred any sensitive documents, including rough drafts, client correspondence and the like.
– Make sure you have a desk drawer that also locks. A locking cash box or safe will work if your file cabinets don’t lock. It can be locked and tucked away somewhere inconspicuous.
– If you are purchasing a product online, for business or personal use, make sure the site is secure before typing in your credit card number.
– Make sure you have a desk drawer that also locks. A locking cash box or safe will work if your file cabinets don’t lock. It can be locked and tucked away somewhere inconspicuous.
– Don’t say anything in an e-mail that you wouldn’t want copied and spread around.
– Keep your voice low when talking on the phone about sensitive matters, particularly if you work in a cubicle.
– Avoid talking about personal matters on the phone unless you want the entire office to overhear.
– When sending checks, gift certificates and the like through the mail, use privacy envelopes.
– If you want to make sure no one opens an envelope or package except the intended recipient, use tamper-proof packaging that makes it obvious to the recipient that the package was opened.
– Turn off your computer when you leave the office. It won’t be as easy for someone to log on and access if your information if they have to start the whole system up and enter a password.
– Don’t leave cash lying around.
– Don’t leave home addresses and phone number of other employees, clients or friends on your desk where someone might see them.
– Be careful of fraudulent e-mails that ask you to click on a link embedded in the e-mail message to update your account information, credit card information or other private data. These are usually not legitimate.
– Do not open attachments to e-mail messages sent to you from someone you don’t know. They might contain a worm or virus that would play havoc with your computer system.

From Fellows.com website: “Twelve Steps to Protect Your Information”
1. Guard your mail and trash from theft and shred documents or letters that contain your personal information. Shred any documents containing personal information that you no longer need.

2. Deposit potentially sensitive outgoing mail at the post office or in collection boxes.

3. Carry only the identification and the credit and debit cards that you’ll actually need.

4. Secure personal information in your home, especially if you have roommates or employ outside help. Believe it or not, even family members have been known to steal personal information.

5. Keep your purse, wallet or forms with sensitive data in a safe place at work.

6. Don’t give out personal information on the phone, through the mail or over the Internet unless you’ve initiated the contact. Identity thieves may pose as representatives of banks, Internet service providers (ISPs) and even government agencies to get you to reveal information.

7. Don’t use personal information, like your Social Security number, as a password on any accounts.

8. If your state uses your Social Security number as your driver’s license number, ask to substitute another number. Do the same if your health insurance company or financial service provider uses it as your account number.

9. Ask about security and disposal procedures in your workplace and at offices and businesses that collect your personal information.

10. Order copies of your credit report every year from each of the three major credit-reporting agencies or through AnnualCreditReport.com (see inset). You are entitled by law to one free report each year, so take advantage of this important program.

11. Make a list of all of your credit card and bank account numbers with customer service numbers and keep them in a safe place.

12. Check financial statements promptly and report problems immediately. Follow up with creditors if your bills don’t arrive on time. It could mean a thief has stolen your account and changed your billing address to cover his tracks.

Here is some information that I found on the 3M site.  The screens provide privacy protection, glare reduction, and they also protect the screen from damage.  The reason I like this information is because it shows how to actually measure the screen.  I hope it helps.

It is critical that you measure your monitor screen correctly to ensure proper fit of your computer filter.

Be sure to measure only the viewable screen area.

For frameless filters, the size must be exactly what you measure. For framed filters, choose the size that is nearest to your actual screen measurement or slightly larger.

Find out which 3M™ Computer Filter will work best for your work environment and screen size with the Selection Guide (PDF, 63 KB).

3M™ Notebook/LCD Privacy Filters Filter Viewing Area
Height x Width
Filter Viewing Area Diagonal Fits Monitor Size
PF12.1 7-3/8″ x 9-3/4″ 12-1/16″ 12.1″
PF12.1W 6-1/2″ x 10-3/8″ 12/1/16″ 12.1″ Widescreen
PF13.3 8.0″ x 10-5/8″ 13-1/4″ 13.3″
PF13.3W 7 15/16″ x 10 5/8″ 13 5/16″ 13.3″ Widescreen
PF14.1 8-1/2″ x 11-1/4″ 14-1/16″ 14.1″
PF14.1W 7-1/2″ x 12″ 14-1/16″ 14.1″ Widescreen
PF15.0 9″ x 12″ 15″ 15.0″
PF15.4W 8-3/16″ x 13-1/16″ 15-3/8″ 15.4″ Widescreen
PF17.0 10 5/8″ x 13 3/8″ 17″ 17.0″
PF17.0W 9-1/16″ x 14-1/2″ 17″ 17.0″ Widescreen
PF18.1 11-3/8″ x 14-1/8″ 18-1/16″ 18.1″
PF19.0 11-7/8″ x 14-13/16″ 19″ 19.0″
PF19.0W 10 1/8″ x 16 3/16″ 19″ 19.0″ Widescreen
PF20.1 12-1/8″ x 16-1/8″ 20-1/16″ 20.1″
PF20.1W 10-3/4″ x 17-1/8″ 20-1/16″ 20.1″ Widescreen
PF21.3 12 13/16″ x 18 5/8″ 21 5/16″ 21.3″
PF21.6W 11 7/16″ 18 1/4″ 21 5/8″ 21.6″ Widescreen
PF22.0W 11-5/8″ x 18-7/8″ 22″ 22.0″ Widescreen
PF24.0W 12-3/4″ x 20-3/8″ 24″ 24.0″ Widescreen
PF26.0W 13 9/16″ x 21 5/8″ 25 9/16″ 25 9/16″ widescreen
PF27.0W 14 3/8″ x 22 15/16″ 27 1/16″ 27 1/16″ widescreen
PF28.0W 14 5/8″ x 23 3/8″ 27 9/16″ 27 9/16″ widescreen
PF30.0W 15 3/4″ x 25 1/4″ 29 3/4″ 29 3/4″ widescreen
Glass Framed Filter Sizes
(Desktop LCD & CRT Monitors)
Filter Viewing Area
Height x Width
Filter Viewing Area Diagonal Fits Monitor Size
Large (L) (PF400L/LB, EF200L/LB, EX10L)(Flat) 9-3/4″ x 12-3/4″ 16″ 14″-16″ CRT and 15″ LCD
X-Large (XL, XLB)(flat) 11-1/2″ x 14-1/8″ 18-1/4″ 16″-19″ CRT and 17″-18″ LCD
XX-Large (XXL,XXLB)(flat) 13 x 16 20-5/8″ 19″-21″ CRT and 19″-20″ LCD
Framed Lightweight Privacy Filters
(Desktop LCD Monitors Only)
Filter Viewing Area
Height x Width
Filter Viewing Area Diagonal Fits Monitor Size
PF317 10 15/16″ x 13 5/8″ 17 3/8″ 17″ Standard LCDs
PF319 12 3/8″ x 15 5/16″ 19 3/4″ 19″ Standard LCDs
PF317W 9 1/2″ x 14 15/16″ 17 3/4″ 17″ Widescreen LCDs
PF319W 10 9/16″ x 16 11/16″ 19 3/4″ 19″ Widescreen LCDs

OnTimeSupplies.com Recognized as Top Internet Retailer for Office Products

On Time Supplies, an Atlanta-based Online Office Supplies and Office Furniture Discount Retailer Has Recently Been Recognized as a Top Retailer by Reseller Ratings


[Press Release, UPI] On Time Supplies, a nationwide discount retailer of office supplies and office furniture has recently been added to the “Top Retailers” list by Reseller Ratings, an independent rating agency.

Reseller ratings is an industry leader in rating internet retailers based on level of customer service, price, delivery speed, and overall customer satisfaction.

In a recent interview, OnTimeSupplies.com co-founders, Miles Young and Andre Scott commented  “We are proud to be a part of Reseller Ratings and we recognize them as a fair and valuable service for internet retail comparisons.  We are very pleased to be ranked as a top tier site, and look forward to serving our loyal customers.”

For more information about On Time Supples, visit http://www.OnTimeSupplies.com.

OnTimeSupplies.com sells office supplies, office furniture, school supplies, toner, file cabinets and everything else needed for your office. We ship same day via UPS and reach the majority of our customers in 1-2 business days.

Office Furniture Retailer Introduces Discount HON Furniture Collections

OnTimeSupplies.com has teamed with HON Furniture Company to Offer Discount Office Furniture Suites.

OnTimeSupplies.com announced the release of their new line of discount HON furniture collections featuring flexible desk configurations, conference room suites, and many other workspace solutions to meet the needs of any office.

“We are very pleased to expand our relationship with HON, which is recognized as a global leader in high-quality office furniture,” said Andre Scott, co-founder of the Atlanta-based office furniture website.  “Our new office collections allow customers to quickly and easily select furniture configurations that would otherwise involve custom configuration. This new offering allows us to offer clients significant time and cost savings.”

Some of the most popular HON office furniture collections include the HON L-Shaped Corner Office Desk Suite (the HON 94000 series), as well as the HON 10600 L-Shaped Desk series, and many others.

For more information on the new discount furniture program, visit http://www.ontimesupplies.com/office_furniture.html

OnTimeSupplies.com sells office furniture, office supplies, school supplies, toner, file cabinets and everything else needed for the office. On Time Supplies ships same day via UPS and orders reach most customers within 1-2 business days. One of the fastest growing office furniture and office supplies dealers in the country, On Time Supplies provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every order.

Contact us at http://www.OnTimeSupplies.com or call us at 1-866-501-6055.

Presentation Binders & DIY Office Products See Increase

OnTimeSupplies.com, a leading office supplies and office furniture retailer, reports an increase in sales of do-it-yourself office products such as presentation binders, marking a shift from more expensive custom-printed items during tough times.

Presentation binders and other “do-it-yourself” office products from Avery, Wilson Jones, Acco Brands and Universal have enjoyed renewed interest during the last quarter, according to leading Atlanta-based online office supplies retailer, OnTimeSupplies.com.

View binders (commonly known as presentation binders) allow customers to easily print their own covers and other meeting or presentation information from any desktop printer, adding flexibility as well as time and cost savings.  According to the company, this flexibility and lower output cost has been a convincing reason for companies to move towards do-it-yourself office solutions.  Many of these companies in the past have relied on custom imprinted binders, which require a much longer lead time and are far more costly.

The trend goes far beyond binders.  Sales of inkjet and laserjet labels from Avery and many other popular brands such as Universal have also seen sales increases.

For more information, visit our section on Presentation binders and view binders.


OnTimeSupplies.com sells office supplies, office furniture, school supplies, toner, file cabinets and everything else needed for your office. We ship same day via UPS and reach the majority of our customers in 1-2 business days.

Office Supplies Discounter Expanding Bulk Discount Program

OnTimeSupplies.com announced today that it is expanding its bulk discount program to include more than 12,400 office supplies and office furniture products.

In the midst of an economic slowdown and increased demand for quantity discounts from business and government customers, office supplies retailer, OnTimeSupplies.com has expanded its bulk discount program by over 20% to include 12,445 office supplies and office furniture products.

The new discount program includes office supplies, equipment and furniture from well-known brands such as Avery, Wilson Jones, Rubbermaid, HON Furniture, Global and Tennsco.

“Our Volume Discount Program offers customers the best possible pricing to buyers for brand name office supplies and furniture,” said CEO and founder Andre Scott. “This program has been an enormous success and we have responded to demand by significantly increasing the number of items offered in the last quarter.”

OnTimeSupplies.com launched their Volume Discount Program in October of 2004, and originally offered quantity discounts from twelve different manufacturers including some of the largest office supply manufacturers in the country, including Avery, Wilson Jones, Fellowes, Acco, and Columbian. In September, 2006, the Volume Discount Program was expanded to include the most popular names in office supplies and furniture, allowing customers significant savings on items such as desks, chairs, file cabinets, filing supplies and office paneling.

About OnTimeSupplies.com: One of the fastest growing companies in the office products industry, OnTimeSupplies.com stocks over 40,000 office supplies and furniture in 70 distribution centers nationwide. For more information, visit www.ontimesupplies.com or call 1-866-501-6055.

OnTimeSupplies.com sells office supplies, office furniture, school supplies, toner, file cabinets and everything else needed for your office. We ship same day via UPS and reach the majority of our customers in 1-2 business days.

Organizing Quick Tips – “From Piles to Files”

Here’s are a few useful quick-tips to avoid those piles in your work area

  1. Keep only those items on your desk that you use every day – stapler, calculator, phone, pencil holder, etc.
  2. The less often you use an item, the further from your desktop it should be stored.
  3. Keep personal items in one area. Then, move everything back an inch to increase workspace.

Pretty useful, don’t you think? Though it may seem like pure common sense, it’s certainly something that I could apply more often, and probably will now that I’ve read that.

That is the “Tip of the Week,” from the website of “Piles to Files,” a consulting outfit aiming to help companies improve their organization. You can find the company online at www.pilestofiles.com.

Though I haven’t used this firm myself, it appears to be a useful resource if you are willing to spend some money for some quality information to make your business more efficient. The company covers topics such as:

Organizing Paperwork
Managing Time
Personal Coaching
Home-based Business, Home Office Consulting
Seminars and Workshops

In the words of Piles to Files, “Break Free From the Clutter!”

How-To: Locate Product Numbers For Mead Brand

The other day I found some very helpful information on the Mead brand web site about how to locate product numbers. The product number or SKU number is almost considered like a social security number, meaning it is the product and the key to identifying the correct product. We get calls all the time where customers are looking to match a product or find an existing product that they own and by identifying the actual product number on the product you are guaranteed a perfect match. I really hope that you find this helpful, and if anyone else out there has helpful links please feel free to pass them along.

Locate My Product/Order #

Depending on your product, the product number can be found in one or more locations:

On the product UPC/barcode.

Embossed on the outside back cover, lower right hand corner.

On the reorder reminder found around the months of August, September and October for regular year products and the months of May and June for Academic/Fiscal/Student products.

For Standard Diary products the product number is on the spine.

Miles D. Young
On Time Supplies
A Division of M2 Commerce, LLC

Helpful Hints: Making Your Office Faster & More Efficient

Many workers, whether in an office building or working out of the home, are constantly spending valuable work time simply maintaining organization of materials. As most know, doing this can be time consuming and as they say, time is money. I know I myself, as both an office employee and a college student trying to juggle a million different things at once, would like to maximize my efficiency so I can get meaningful work done quickly, and to take advantage of all the non-academic perks of collegiate living.

Luckily, there are many products out there that can be put to this use, making your office or study area more organized without spending the time, money and effort in hiring a personal assistant as I sometimes wish I could. And some of these products, for lack of a more Shakespearean description, are just downright cool.

Take the Wireless USB Modem, for example. In a tiny device about the size of your thumb, you get the convenience of mobile broadband access to networks, with a microSD card slot for storage to boot. Need to run to a meeting where you may need speedy network access, and running short on time to figure out the logistics of it? No problem, just take this mobile device with you and you can hop onto any EV-DO Revision A network. If I want to take my laptop somewhere outside of my workspace or office, or may need to use a completely different computer, I can confidently know that with this wireless modem and a wireless network nearby I can get my work done in the location I desire free of hassle.

Another product to make your office life a bit easier is the Scooter Rack. I know, having one job in an engineering firm with drawings and files everywhere, the office space can get pretty cluttered pretty quickly with drawings of plans and other necessary documents that need to be held on to, but in a discrete location. This compact portable rack can store half-size prints in an orderly fashion, and can fit beneath a desk, maximizing your usage of the available volume in your office. Besides maybe a trashcan and your legs, there’s plenty of wasted space under your desk, so why not put a product such as this to good use?

And finally, in the just plain “cool” category – the SILVER SEAL keyboard is fully submersible and dishwasher safe (believe it or not!) and made of special antimicrobial plastic. Everyone’s dirty little secret is their inevitable snacking at their desk, which of course leads to spills and crumbs jamming up your keyboard and causing headaches – with this product this won’t be a problem! (SEAL SHIELD)

Don’t spend more time than you have to worrying about connectivity, organization of files, and computer equipment being rendered extremely difficult to use – a smart investment in products like these today can save you energy, time, and headaches tomorrow.