Office furniture wheelchair accessibility guide


Not sure of the best office furniture layout of wheelchair accessibility? Use our office furniture wheelchair accessibility guide to develop an office furniture plan that optimizes maneuverability and ergonomics.

Wheelchair Maneuverability:

Your office furniture layout should allow ample space for workers who use wheelchairs to move around in. Here are a few guidelines:

Wheelchair passage: office furniture should be placed a minimum of 32″  from walls and other obstructions to allow for smooth wheelchair passages.

Turning space: allow  60′ clearance so workers can rotate and turn around corners.

Wheelchair Workspace Ergonomics:

In office settings, wheelchair accessible work spaces aren’t too different then standard work areas. The main thing to keep in mind is that workers will need to be able to reach without standing. Here are a few dimensions to keep in mind wjen configuring your office furniture.

Floor space for stationery wheelchair: allow 30″ x 48″ for workers to sit in front of desks and tables.

Desk Height: between 24-36 inches high. Standard desks are usually 30″ high.

Forward reach: workers shouldn’t have to reach any higher than 48″  and no lower than 15″. ”

Side Reach: When workers need to reach to the side,  items should be now higher than 54″ and now lower than 9″.

Source: ADA Standards

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