Top 3 Ergonomic Desk Chair Features


There is a dizzying array of ergonomic desk chair features on the market, each with a more inscrutable name than the last. It can be hard to decipher the jargon of the office furniture industry to determine exactly which features you need, and which you don’t. has an in depth office chair buying guide designed to help you navigate the terrain, but here’s the quick and dirty version: the top three features you need in your ergonomic desk chair.

What to look for in an ergonomic desk chair.

Ergonomic Desk Chair Features: back height adjustment Back Height Adjustment You need an ergonomic desk chair that allows you to lift or lower chair back to move the lumbar support where you need it and alleviate lower back stress.
  Set Depth Adjustment You don’t want your chair seat too close or too far away from the chair back, so you need an ergonomic desk chair that allows for depth adjustment. You’ll be amazed at the difference in comfort the reduced pressure on you butt and thighs makes.
  Tilt You’ll want a chair that reclines, and a basic tilt function will tilt the back and seat at the same angle. More advanced features, such as knee and variable tilt, allow for independent, more fine tuned adjustments.

An ergonomic desk chair with these three feature will be pretty comfy, but be sure to check out the buying guide for a more in depth look at office chair features.

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