Video: How to avoid eyes strain when working in front of a computer all day.

If your eyes burn, neck aches or vision blurs by the end of the work day, you are suffering from eye strain. Computer-related eye strain is a pretty common workplace complaint. Luckily, eye strain also pretty easy to remedy. This CNET video offers some pretty great tips on improving the workplace ergonomics and reducing eye strain. Most of them involve making a few free, easy changes to your workstation. But there are a few things can help you with. These inexpensive office supplies will help you reduce eyestrain while you work.

 Ledu Computer Task Lamp at On Time Supplies

Desk Lamps: reduce eye strain with indirect lighting.

Harsh overhead lights aggravate eye strain. Instead, position a desk lamp next to your computer for gentler indirect light. Check out our buying guide for more information on choosing a desk lamp.

 Kantek Monitor Stand at On Time Supplies

Monitor Stands: reduce eye strain with optimal computer monitor placement.

The top of your computer monitor should be at eye level. If your monitor is too low, use a monitor riser or two to raise to the optimal height. FYI: you’ll find a great post on improving the ergonomics in the workplace at the Knowledge Base.

 Innovera® Antiglare Protective Monitor Filter at On Time Supplies

Monitor Filters: reduce eye strain by muting back lighting & glare.

The CNET vid actually recommends yellow-tinted glasses. But who wants to go to work looking like a 90’s era boy band reject? Unless you work for Lou Pearlman, use a monitor filter to mute the harsh back light of your computer screen and reduce reflected glare. Get tips on choosing the best filter for your computer screen at the Knowledge Base.

 Kensington® InSight® Adjustable Book/Copyholder at On Time Supplies

Copyholders: reduce eye strain with properly position reading.

Use a copyholder to position your your reading material should be upright and adjacent to your computer monitor.

Source: CNETTV

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