Secretaries Day is this Wednesday, April 27. Are you ready?

Secretaries Day, also known as Administrative Professional Day and Administrative Assistants Day, is this Wednesday. Hope you got your assistant to pencil it in! Of course, the days of when the administrative professional’s day was limited to scheduling, typing and other clerical duties have long passed — if they ever existed. No less than the Federal Government confirms it: today’s administrative professionals do work once reserved for managers and executives, including corporate event planning, staff training, research and more. In short, your office could not survive without the efforts of administrative professionals.

Great gifts for Administrative Professional Day.

Since administrative professionals perform such vital work for relatively modest pay, it is only right and proper to take a day to express your thanks. A small gift would not be remiss either! After all, everyone loves getting presents! offers discount pricing on thousands of Pink Ribbon gifts that will show the secretaries and assistants your appreciation for their hard work — and support a variety of great breast cancer awareness organization.

You’ll also find a wide variety of other cool office supplies that make great Secretaries Day gifts. And thanks to their speedy delivery, you can order your Secretaries Day gifts today and get them tomorrow.

Don’t let Secretaries Day pass without showing your appreciation.

Even if your wallet and office budget have been hit particularly hard by this (seemingly never-ending) recession, you can still celebrate Administrative Assistants Day and let your staff know how much you appreciate their hard work. If nothing else, pick up a Administrative Professional Day card or two before you go into work Wednesday. Your administrative assistants will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and part of your job is keeping your staff motivated and happy!

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