Back to School Give-Away: win $500 in FREE school supplies!

Update: this contest is closed.bnr-backtoschool-blog-615 The  Back to School Give-Away is back and bigger than ever!  On Time Supplies, your source for discount school supplies online, is giving away more than $500 in free school supplies to one lucky winner! Enter the 2013 Back to School Give-Away today for your chance to win:

  • A $100 coupon code to spend at On Time Supplies on anything you want!
  • Over $300 in Avery Products!
  • Plus, over $100 in extra school supplies from other great office supply brands!

How to win $500 in free school supplies from On Time Supplies:

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Tell why you should to win in the comments of this post.

You can enter the Back to School Give-Away up to three times — once on Facebook, once on Twitter, and once on the blog. Be sure to leave a comment for each entry.

You have until July 31, 2013 at 5 p.m. CST to enter. We’ll pick a winner at random from all eligible entries and announce the winner August 5, 2013.

Check out all the great school supply prize below!

Enter the Back to School Giveaway and win a $100 coupon code.

Win $100 to spend on ANYTHING YOU WANT at On Time Supplies!

This year, the Back to School Give-Away prize packages includes a $100 coupon code you can spend on anything you want at On Time Supplies! We carry more than 40,000 products, so you’ll find all the school supplies you need.

Plus, over $300 in Avery labels, binders, index dividers & more!

Avery Mini View Binders (4) Avery Mini View Binders Avery® Durable View Portfolio Binder With Clipboard(9) Avery  Portfolio Binders w/Clipboards Avery® Protect and Store Durable View Binder with Slant Rings(12) Avery Slant Ring Binders Avery® Business Card Pages(4) Avery Business Card Page Sets
Avery® Mini Binder Filler Paper(4) Avery Mini Binder Filler Paper Packs Avery® Preprinted Tab Dividers with Black and White Tabs(4) Avery Printed Index Tab Divider Sets Avery®  Write-On Index Tab Dividers (4) Avery Mini Index Tab Divider Sets  Avery® Small Binder Pockets(4) Avery Small Binder Pockets
Avery® Removable Window and Wall Signage(2) Avery Window / Wall Sign Sets Avery® Textured Arched Easy Peel® Labels(2) Arched Avery Label Sets Avery® Round Easy Peel® Labels(3) Round Avery Label Sets Avery® Printable Bag Toppers with Bags(1) Avery Bags / Bag Topper Set
Avery Name Badges(3) Avery Name Badge Sets Yellow HI-LITER® Desk Style Highlighters(2) Yellow Avery HI-LITER Highlighters Pink HI-LITER® Desk Style Highlighters(2) Pink Avery HI-LITER Highlighters Green HI-LITER® Desk Style Highlighters(2) Green Avery HI-LITER Highlighters

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AND another $100 in other great school supplies!

uni-ball® VISION ELITE™ Stick Roller Ball Pen(12) uni-ball VISION ELITE Stick Roller Ball Pens Paper Mate® InkJoy™ 700 RT Ballpoint Pen(1) Paper Mate InkJoy Ballpoint Pen Set Sharpie® Metallic Permanent Marker(12) Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers Sharpie® Brush Tip Permanent Marker(1)Sharpie  Brush Tip Permanent Marker Set
Smead® Slash Pocket Jackets(10) Smead Slash Pocket Jackets Mead Spiral Notebooks(30) Mead Spiral Notebooks

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Enter the Back to School Give-Away now for you chance to win all the school supplies you need for the year! Any items out of stock when the prize is issued will be substituted with an equivalent item. And sorry, the contest is only open to residents of the lower 48 of the United States. If you have any questions about the Back to School Give-Away rules or prizes, please call 866-501-6055.

496 comments on “Back to School Give-Away: win $500 in FREE school supplies!

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  • Dawn Taylor says:

    As a teacher in a high- poverty Title 1 school, I constantly have students who are not able to provide school supplies. This bag would be great to share with students at my school who are in need.

  • Pamela Orton says:

    I would like to win this for my classroom! I just moved to a new school and will be teaching second grade! With all of my moving expenses money is pretty tight and I can’t afford to buy classroom supplies for my new second graders. To win this would be such a blessing!

  • Jenn Makhanov says:

    I would love to win this! I am a first year teacher who is in desperate need of items to furnish my classroom. I will be teaching in a Title school, thus my students will need the benefit of supplies. I would be truly thankful to win this!

  • I would like to win for my school! Many of our teachers purchase school supplies for their students out of their own pockets. Our teachers and students could really use these products!

  • Kirsten Valencia says:

    I am a teacher in a low income area working with intellectually disabled children. It is often difficult for us to acquire the necessities within our classroom from the district as well as our parents. My assistant and I often find ourselves spending our own money in order to enhance our students learning experiences. This would be greatly appreciated to get the ball rolling and relieve one stress.

  • Andrea Haug says:

    As a first year K4 teacher in a very diverse & high poverty school I would absolutely LOVE to win this. The more support the better 🙂

  • crystal okoonkwo says:

    my mom stop working 3 years ago and it has been really hard for my brother and i surviving. winning this give-away will really help us. thank you and god bless

  • Amber Woodruff says:

    Please I can use the help I’m a single mom of 3 kids that dose not make much money and their dad dose not care about them and he moved out of town so my mom helps me and she can’t this year because she has had some bad health problems
    Thank you

    Amber Woodruff

  • Melissa Long says:

    to whom this my concern
    my family could really use any help with school supplies this year. my husband and i have extreme health issues which make it hard to work for either of us at this time. we are doing are best to keep are financial situations under control and are currently living off 1000 a month for a family of 5. my husband is undergoing back surgery this month and my not be able to work again and i have chrons disease which causes me to be sick n weak alot of the times. my husband was and has always been our families main support but due to back issues he’s unable to work. so im asking for any help at this time and it is more than appreciated thank you from the Long family

  • I really wan’t to win this because my parents have 5 kids 1 in high school 2 in middle school and 2 in Elementry school so most of the time we don’t all of this and it would be really nice to have this and share with my family!

  • money is tight and my little girl is going into first grade and we have 2 other little ones at home… just want her to have a great start you know!

  • Danielle Harris says:

    Many of mine students cannot afford the basic necessities that most student have going to school. We come from the first city in America to go bankrupt and 50% of our students end up dropping out of school. They struggle just to bring paper and pencils let alone the required uniform.
    The population at my school is very diverse. The ethnic makeup consist of a majority being Hispanic, African American and Filipino. We work with a great set of kids that just can’t afford the basic supplies needed to be successful and for us to keep the promise of an equal education for all. This is not possible when they do not have access to some of the resources other school districts can offer. I am an African American math teacher for an 8th grade geometry and 6th grade math too. I have three kids myself ranging from my oldest being in her 3rd year of college and my two little ones who are in 4th and 2nd grade. Unfortunately, since I am the big bread winner of my family, I do not have extra money to put into my classroom which causes me to get creative in my efforts to make education interesting and real for all my students.

  • Emani Jenkins says:

    I would like to win this because for the past few years me and my family have been struggling with everything my dad recently lost his job and its very hard to pay every thing with bills piling up and not having anything for me and my 14 year little brother to go back to school with we really need this without it how will we have a good Learning experience throughout the school year and coming from the city of Philadelphia times are very hard and not only will I love to have this for myself and my little brother I would love to share this prize with my school mates and the teachers that work to help me learn I am now a junior in Highschool and I think it’s a blessing that me and my little brother is fighting to make it threw all 4 Highschool years knowing that we went so many years with nothing at all .

  • My mom is slacking on money and if she dont get none she will get put out her apartment and i will love you to give us some free supplies for her 5 kids and we had some one to pass away in the family so i wish we can win the supplies.

  • It would mean so much if me and my family won this. There is my two brothers and I. My twin and I are going to the 9th grade and the oldest is going to the 11th. There is no uniforms there so we need to buy clothes that we can wear in school that look nice. Its hard trying to pay the rent and school supplies for all three of us. My twin and I are taking 9 classes and the oldest is 11 classes. So it would mean a whole lot to my family.

  • Mary prater says:

    Hi I’m Mary…I think Ishould win cause I have a6 year old son who was recently diagnosed with severe ADHD.and it would be great if he was able top win this prize.he is going into the 1st grade and I currently last my job and we have been on our own with out his father for 1 yr in August..and money is so tight and a struggle…He loves contest and prices and winning…We would appreciate the helping hand ..and would be grateful..thanks

  • I would live to win this. Not only could my family use this but I know several other families that I would share with.

  • Brooke Morgan says:

    There are many students in my school that can not afford the school supplies necessary to help then succeed. This would be one less worry for the child and myself.

  • Ashley Ortiz says:

    I have three boys. Tanner is 12, Evan is 10, and Adam is 5. One starting middle school, one beginning kindergarten and the middle boy is high functioning ASD. As if that wasn’t enough on the plate for us, I have started back to college to get a degree in Echocardiography. We have made a pact to see who can make better grades. I use this as my secret weapon to get them to study harder. I have a 4.0, my oldest has a strong A/B average and the middle boy is an honor student. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for the baby! Summer has been a blast, but I am ready to get back to the grindstone. (Much to the chagrin of the kids) I am single mom with a tight budget. Any little bit would help us out enormously! Good luck to everyone who has entered the contest!

  • Tanya Parnell says:

    Recieving your help with school supplies would ease some of the pressure of Back-to-School expenses. We would be so happy and grateful for your contribution. The amount money that your donation would save us would go straight to gas expenses (as we have to provide transportation to & from school). Thank you very much.

  • My mom is a single mom and is paying all the bills on her on leaving us with no money, i have no more to pay for college or supplies to get started which is needed. I pray that winning this will help me to a start with college and get my career started.
    -India Riley

  • Marie Hansen says:

    I’m a parent who’s child need school supplies and she starts school on the 18th of August and we only have a backpack

  • I am a first year teacher. After 5 years of college tuition, my bank account has been drained. I will be starting off in first grade where I will need to purchase things like a calendar, pencils for the students, crayons, pocket charts, and many other things. I would like to set up my class so parents that cannot afford school supplies aren’t stressed trying to buy their student everything they need to be successful. I would like to provide everything for my students to promote as much equity in my room as possible.

  • My child loves school and works very hard to get a good education. We came back from overseas a few years ago and where dealing with a bad divorce. I am a single mom now and I am working a lot but still having a hard time to afford the normal things in life and it is very stressful for my child also. Getting school supplies would be extreme helpful and very much appreciated.
    Having all school supplies should be normal to every child but very sadly it is very hard for some parents to provide those

  • I would really like to win this giveaway, because I think my family is going to start to struggle financially very soon because every Saturday and sometimes Sunday my family is going to drive back and forth to Joplin Mo, and it will take away lot’s of money concerning gas, and because my parents are pastors of a church they will have to pay the bills of the church (they get very very expensive to pay for). I then think my parents won’t have enough money to buy me and my other siblings some good school supplies for our education…especially with me going to a STEM school I really think that the stuff that this giveaway is giving will really help.

    Anyway, even if I don’t win this giveaway I’d like to than the people who took the time to giveaway these school supplies to someone who maybe needs it more than I do. It is very appreciated.

  • Christina Presmy says:

    As a high school student with only one parent working and no job this would be a great help! I want to help my mother out as much as I can and this money could cover my entire back to school supply list as well as my siblings possibly. It would be such a load off of her shoulders. As the supplies I would use this money for are essential to my education I would be forever grateful. Thank you for your time. I have also shared on Twitter.

  • christina curtis says:

    I have a 5 year old little girl who’s just gotten into her second magnet academy. She’s so smart and our family is on a fixed budget and we can’t afford to get her all the supplies she so desperately needs and deserves. This would be amazing for her! Thanks for making this offer available for people all over who are in our same position.

  • I should win because i love school and this school supplies well be able to help me stay more organized with my 8 classes it would be an honor to receive your school supplies please and thank you

  • Kayla Lagrassa says:

    I’m in desperate need of school supplies to start my first year of college. I managed to have my first year free thanks to grants and scholarships but now I need help getting school supplies. I have my fingers crossed.

  • Juliana A says:

    I would love to win this because this is my 1st year of teaching and I am so excited but I need so many supplies. I was surprised when I was shown my classroom the other day that I had nothing in it at all. They created a whole new Special Education position for me at my school, which means I did not inherit anything from the pervious teacher (since there was not one. So the chance to win supplies that I don’t have to pay for would be so wonderful! Thanks for the chance

  • Michelle Lynn rodriguez says:

    Im a 18 year old trying to get through college my parents are struggling to get me through college and I would really appreciate this to buy school supplies and some extras for my college dorm room.

  • I think i want to win the school supply because i am a single mom of six and is in need of help with my kids school clothes, supplies and etc. At this point any help will be good. I am currently looking for a job because i am barely making ends meet. It will be grately helpful to get some help from people that care and that u can make sure they be successful in life. I am 28 years old and i have small kids that i am trying to raise on my own, I hope to win this for them.

  • Jamie Stumpf says:

    Hi, the reason i would like to win this is because i have seven siblings two 7 year old, one 8 year old, One 9 year old, a 14 year old a 15 year old (me), and a 17 year old. My parents have been struggling a bit financially and this would help a lot.Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Shirley Smith says:

    I would love to win, So I can help my kids with new supplies they need. We are a Military family and sure could use the help.

  • Sarah Ryan says:

    I have two kids that are dealing with their dad moving last year. My boyfriend and I are raising them and they are such good kids. I had to have neck surgery June 5th and with no child support and loss of income, I don't know what else to do expect ask for help. My momma always told me it is ok to ask for help. Better than stealing, and the worst they can say is no. The word no has never killed anyone before. Lol anyways, we just need a little help.

  • Hannah Kight says:

    If I won this giveaway, it would certainly take a load off of my shoulders. I am currently working at a restaurant, and the tips I make go straight to paying for school, insurance, and groceries. I am also saving up for a car! Money's been tight for my family, and winning would make things much easier.


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