Back to School Give-Away: win $500 in FREE school supplies!

Update: this contest is closed.bnr-backtoschool-blog-615 The  Back to School Give-Away is back and bigger than ever!  On Time Supplies, your source for discount school supplies online, is giving away more than $500 in free school supplies to one lucky winner! Enter the 2013 Back to School Give-Away today for your chance to win:

  • A $100 coupon code to spend at On Time Supplies on anything you want!
  • Over $300 in Avery Products!
  • Plus, over $100 in extra school supplies from other great office supply brands!

How to win $500 in free school supplies from On Time Supplies:

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Share this Give-Away on Facebook or re-tweet it @OnTimeSupplies on Twitter.
Tell why you should to win in the comments of this post.

You can enter the Back to School Give-Away up to three times — once on Facebook, once on Twitter, and once on the blog. Be sure to leave a comment for each entry.

You have until July 31, 2013 at 5 p.m. CST to enter. We’ll pick a winner at random from all eligible entries and announce the winner August 5, 2013.

Check out all the great school supply prize below!

Enter the Back to School Giveaway and win a $100 coupon code.

Win $100 to spend on ANYTHING YOU WANT at On Time Supplies!

This year, the Back to School Give-Away prize packages includes a $100 coupon code you can spend on anything you want at On Time Supplies! We carry more than 40,000 products, so you’ll find all the school supplies you need.

Plus, over $300 in Avery labels, binders, index dividers & more!

Avery Mini View Binders (4) Avery Mini View Binders Avery® Durable View Portfolio Binder With Clipboard(9) Avery  Portfolio Binders w/Clipboards Avery® Protect and Store Durable View Binder with Slant Rings(12) Avery Slant Ring Binders Avery® Business Card Pages(4) Avery Business Card Page Sets
Avery® Mini Binder Filler Paper(4) Avery Mini Binder Filler Paper Packs Avery® Preprinted Tab Dividers with Black and White Tabs(4) Avery Printed Index Tab Divider Sets Avery®  Write-On Index Tab Dividers (4) Avery Mini Index Tab Divider Sets  Avery® Small Binder Pockets(4) Avery Small Binder Pockets
Avery® Removable Window and Wall Signage(2) Avery Window / Wall Sign Sets Avery® Textured Arched Easy Peel® Labels(2) Arched Avery Label Sets Avery® Round Easy Peel® Labels(3) Round Avery Label Sets Avery® Printable Bag Toppers with Bags(1) Avery Bags / Bag Topper Set
Avery Name Badges(3) Avery Name Badge Sets Yellow HI-LITER® Desk Style Highlighters(2) Yellow Avery HI-LITER Highlighters Pink HI-LITER® Desk Style Highlighters(2) Pink Avery HI-LITER Highlighters Green HI-LITER® Desk Style Highlighters(2) Green Avery HI-LITER Highlighters

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AND another $100 in other great school supplies!

uni-ball® VISION ELITE™ Stick Roller Ball Pen(12) uni-ball VISION ELITE Stick Roller Ball Pens Paper Mate® InkJoy™ 700 RT Ballpoint Pen(1) Paper Mate InkJoy Ballpoint Pen Set Sharpie® Metallic Permanent Marker(12) Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers Sharpie® Brush Tip Permanent Marker(1)Sharpie  Brush Tip Permanent Marker Set
Smead® Slash Pocket Jackets(10) Smead Slash Pocket Jackets Mead Spiral Notebooks(30) Mead Spiral Notebooks

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Enter the Back to School Give-Away now for you chance to win all the school supplies you need for the year! Any items out of stock when the prize is issued will be substituted with an equivalent item. And sorry, the contest is only open to residents of the lower 48 of the United States. If you have any questions about the Back to School Give-Away rules or prizes, please call 866-501-6055.

496 comments on “Back to School Give-Away: win $500 in FREE school supplies!

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  • Michael W Perkins says:

    I should win it because my wife is a Teacher & she can take it into her shhool for all to use, I get a write off. Thanks

  • Michelle Little says:

    I should win because….I have 3 kids in school, and this year their supplies total 51 items. Not including gym shoes and backpacks. Cha Ching $$

  • I’m only 10 an I’m hoping to win this so my mom doesn’t have to spend so much money on me and my brothers for school supplies. So I’m crossing my fingers right now and hoping im the winner:) it be great to help my mom with something.i know she will be exited.good luck everybody

  • Vikki Billings says:

    I want to win because I am going back to school at 46 to finish a degree I started a few years ago. I could really use this prize pack to help me get organized and stay organized. It would be a blessing to win.

  • I would love to win because my daughter will be in 4th grade and needing more supplies and I’m unemployed right now with no unemployment benefits, and a single parent.

  • Alexander Kruse says:

    I really want to win the school supplies because I am trying to simultaneously put myself through College and Home School my teenage son. With college tuition, books, tests and curriculum supplies for my home schooled son there is no money really left for supplies. It would help us out a great deal if we could win this contest.

  • Lissette Melendez says:

    I am a stay at home moms I have 4 kids. My fiance is the only one that works barely paying our bills. Been in and out of doctors with one of my kids.Needs help getting our kids school supplies for school time is hard right now. Just praying to god that a miracle will happen. Thank you god bless have a good day.

  • Lisa Larson says:

    I am a middle school English teacher and am ALWAYS in need of supplies for students who don’t have the necessary supplies to learn. I teach in a high poverty rural school district in central Wisconsin. The prizes for this contest would ensure that ALL of my students would have what they need to be involved and learn. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • As a math specialist in 2 buildings, I now need to get double the materials I got last year – with almost no budget it will make it harder to be the organized teacher I want to be for the 60 teachers I will work with. These materials will allow me to be organized and create math manipulatives to share with all the teachers and students!
    As well as I have my own daughter attending school this year needing all the materials.
    All this on a single paycheck which stopped in June end will pick up 2 weeks after I am in school.
    Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  • Debbie Hawkins says:

    Our county is listed as a low-income area in NC. We are always looking for ways to supplement student’s needs, especially in a time where funds for schools are at their all-time lowest.

  • I am going into my ninth year of teaching but my first year with my own classroom. I am a Special Education teacher and I have always had to share classrooms and keep my materials on a cart and in a small office. However, this year, I am taking over a High Functioning Autism program at the largest middle school in my county and I am in need of supplies galore! Having been so restricted in space for the past nine years, I was forced to keep the bare minimum. Now that I’m taking over this program, I have the largest classroom in the school and the addition of a mini-gym to use for my 23 students with Autism. Winning these supplies would be a blessing beyond blessings!

  • Nancy Broyles says:

    I teach at a school where more than 50% of my students receive free and reduced lunches. This would give me a supply base to use for my students who cannot afford proper supplies.

  • This year I am moving to a new district and grade level. It’s like starting all over as a new teacher. These supplies would sure lighten the burden of setting up a new classroom.

  • Heather Miller Stephenson says:

    These materials would be perfect for my third graders! each year I buy many Avery page protectors, folders, labels, and extra binders to create STAR (Students Taking Academic Responsibility) binders. We assemble them to help each child create an organized space for permission slips/lunch money, classroom newsletters, parent/teacher communication log, and a homework/work to keep at home folder. While it varies, between 80 to over 90% of our students receive free or reduced lunch. Last year we had one third grade class with 98%, so I absorb a large portion of the costs out of my own pocket. It is worth it to see the smiles on my students ‘ faces! Receiving these materials would have a huge impact on my class! Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Cheryl Gaskins says:

    I teach 3rd grade in NC. This will be my second year teaching and I have already spent far too much trying to build classroom supplies in an area where many students cannot afford to bring in the supplies needed. This would help greatly in creating an exciting, interactive classroom!

  • My husband is the only math teacher at his high school. They don’t have a lot of resources, so this will help give them a few extra supplies!

  • Cheryl Scheckel says:

    My sister has 3 girls… 4th grade, 2nd grade and kindergarten… Money is very tight and I would LOVE to win this for her girls!

  • For starters my daughter’s name is Avery 🙂
    Secondly she’s going into first grade and will need a good amount of supplies for school this year. This would significantly help.

  • Beverly Metcalf says:

    School will be starting again soon and I know some children that need school supplies. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Renee Richardson says:

    I should win because I have 3 children going to school and I am broke. LOL!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  • I always can use more stuff for my classroom! Anything to get my kids engaged, interactive and participating!

  • susan smoaks says:

    i should win because i have a lot of kids that i help at church and this would be an amazing blessing for them

  • Michelle P says:

    Our school was in the path of an EF-5 tornado on May 20. Many students lost their homes. These supplies would be a wonderful way to begin the new year!

  • I already like you on Facebook and I just shared the post! I should win because I am beginning my 29th year of teaching and I spend hundreds on my room and students which is my choice, but it would be so nice to win and share with my kiddos and my niece who is just beginning her first teaching job!

  • I am a teacher for students with autism in a high poverty school. Many of my students are unable to get even the basics. This would go right to my students, and give them every opportunity just like any other student in school!

  • Winning this prize would be a tremendous blessing to my district, school, classroom, and especially, my students. I teach about 170 high school juniors at a Title I district and supplies are extremely difficult for students to obtain. In a community where some of our youth are worried about having a simple pencil and paper for the day, anxious to get back to school because summers at home are harder than their worst days at school, and money is a precious commodity for necessities instead of something to just spend — I know that my students would appreciate having even one less to-buy item for school. I have always sought my best to buy supplies for my students’ use in my class, but even only I can do so much with the little I am given. I know I can’t take my kiddos’ problems away with this prize pack, but something like this would help them, and me, tremendously. I am only in my 2nd year of teaching, but I have seen full on what a gesture something like this would be for my kids who already struggle so much.

    Thank you for this awesome opportunity and for the support this will be to the person/persons this will be awarded to. It’s so nice to have the support and resource of companies and organizations like OnTime Supplies!

  • Lisa Garner says:

    I’m a single mom of 4 and school supplies are a huge stress with my current budget so winning these supplies would be a huge relief.

  • taylore j. says:

    i think i should win because i have five brothers and sisters all in school and i am in highschool and this would be a huge blessing to us. and a big help.

  • louann decker says:

    I could use that win were I ant got to worry were im going to find the money to get my two boys stuff for school I need the help

  • I am a new teacher at a low-income school district; we could make these supplies last a long time and they would benefit several students.

  • I teach students with autism and the best way to teach is hands on with lots of activities….all of which require supplies!! It would be a blessing to my students and I to win this package!! 🙂

    I subscribed via email

  • cassandra pearson says:

    I’d like to win because I am a teacher and I NEED SUPPLIES!!! Our school no longer has unlimited ordering. Teachers must buy their own classroom supplies. Parents are no longer “required” to buy the very few items on their child’s supply list. Teachers end up buying those, and all the other supplies needed for the classroom, Art, projects/activities and lessons.


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