Write a Review for a Chance to Win $200!

On Time Supplies wants to know what you think! When you make a purchase, let them know how it worked out for you – the good, the bad and the ugly! Since they know you’re busy, they make it worth you while to post a product review. Once a month, On Time Supplies will give one lucky reviewer a $200 shopping spree! Two hundred bucks buys a lot of office supplies!

Entering the On Time Supplies shopping spree sweepstakes is easy. Just find the office supply you want to review, click “Rate this product” and submit a review with your for real, actual email address. I’ll announce the winner here at Smart Office on the last Friday of every month. The first drawing is Thursday September 23, so hurry over to On Time Supplies and get your review in! Each review counts as a sweepstakes entry, so the more reviews you post, the more chances you have to win!

Here are a few tips to posting a great product review:

  • Focus on the product’s features!
  • Be specific about what you liked and disliked!
  • Don’t be rude! No abusive language or discussion of other companies or sites.

Follow my advice, and you’ll be reviewing like a pro! Roger Ebert won’t have nothing on you!

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