Cleaning tips from Eureka that go easy on your wallet and the environment!

Move over, Heloise. Our friends over at Eureka offer some great tips on re-purposing household items into cleansers and dust busters. Who knows how to clean better than a vacuum manufacturer? Every one’s trying to save a few bucks these days, so it’s nice of Eureka to show us how to tackle household tasks without making a trip to the store. Even better, recycle and reuse are the green manta, so if you follow these tips, you’ll be doing your bit to save the planet!

Eureka compiled this list from its customers, so all the tips and tricks have been tested in homes all across America. My favorite comes from Erin of Makanda, IL. “Hot vinegar has been my cleaning secret. It cleans soap scum, windows, extra dirty/soiled laundry, and even our toilet. One thing to be wary of is vinegar that does not say it is made from grain, because it could be made from petroleum products.”

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