Energy efficient space heaters: how to choose the most efficient space heater.

It’s cold outside and inside. In these tough economic times, you don’t want to crank up the thermostat and risk a high utility bill, so invest in one of the energy efficient space heaters for sale at The site’s Knowledge Base features a great article breaking down the best type of space heater for a variety of work areas. Office Ink will show you what to look for in an energy efficient space heater for your home.

Use radiant space heaters and panel heaters for spot heating.

Radiant space heaters and panel heaters are the most energy efficient space heater option: they require about a tenth of the energy as traditional convection space heaters. However, they are not  designed to heat a whole room. These energy saving space heaters work best as spot heaters. For example, a radiant panel space heater will work great under your home computer desk to keep you feet warm. They won’t do so well heating your home office.

Use ceramic heaters to efficiently heat an entire room.

Oscillating tower style ceramic heaters are the most energy efficient space heaters when it comes to heating a room, though a standard box style ceramic heater works well too. In addition to a ceramic heating element, your energy saving space heater should have a thermostat and allow for automatic temperature control. Without these features, you’ll have to constantly monitor your electric space heater to keep it from  wasting electricity, and overheating the room. Energy efficient space heaters also feature automatic shut off so they aren’t running when they aren’t needed.

With an energy efficient space heater and a comfy sweater, you’ll stay warm all winter without seeing your electricity bill go through the roof.

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  • Great information here. I do agree that just because some heaters have a good efficiency rating, doesn’t mean they are great at heating an entire room by any means.


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