3 Ways for New Grads to Ace Job Interviews

You’ve heard all the bad news about the tough job market for new graduates. There’s nothing you can do but hit the pavement, and hit it hard. When you score an interview, you need to do your best to impress. Your education, skills & talent are the most important elements you bring to your hunt, but it’s a lot easier to sell your qualifications when your project a polished, professional image.

A little attention to these three areas of presentation can help you stand apart for the competition.

Resume Paper

Given the tough economy, new graduates will have to send out a lot of resumes. Of course, the most important element of a resume is what’s in it, but fine stationery makes a good first impression.

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Resume Folders

Naturally, you don’t want to present your resume as a sheaf of loose papers, particularly if you have writing samples or letters of recommendation to present. A nice folder gives your resume a polished look.

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Carrying Cases

Your carrying case should work with your suit to present an overall professional appearance. Make sure it’s large enough to hold your documents without cause any folds or ragged edges.

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Telephone Interviews

Need to sell yourself over the phone? The great thing about a telephone interview is that you don’t have worry about your appearance. You still need to project a professional demeanor. A few tips for nailing a telephone interview.

  1. Be concise. No one wants to hire a rambler.
  2. Watch your “umms” and “likes.” No one wants to hire a Valley Girl, either.
  3. Ask pointed questions. A  few good questions allow you to demonstrate your knowledge.
  4. Don’t rush to respond. Take time to think through your answers.

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