5 Ways to Use Your Sharpie® Fine Tip Permanent Marker SAN30001


The Sharpie® Fine Tip Permanent Marker SAN30001 is always one of the top selling products at OnTimeSupplies.com, so we know you guys love your Sharpies. Office Ink shows you 5 new ways to us your favorite permanent markers.

1. Decorate your Halloween pumpkin with Sharpie® Fine Tip Permanent Marker SAN30001.

Are your kids way too young to be anywhere near sharp cutting tools? Use Sharpie® Fine Tip Permanent Marker SAN30001 to decorate your Halloween pumpkin. Completely mess-free, and you don’t have to worry about anyone severing a thumb or something.

2. Get rid of scuff marks on your shoes with Sharpie® Fine Tip Permanent Marker SAN30001.

Got a pair of dress shoes that have seen better days? Before you cosign them to the donation pile, try this tip from Sharpie: run a Sharpie® Fine Tip Permanent Marker SAN30001 over scuff marks on black shoes and watch them disappear.

3. Personalize your office coffee mug with Sharpie®  Permanent Markers.

Here’s a neat idea, just in time for Cold and Flu season. Keep everyone’s germy hands off your office coffee mug by making it unmistakably yours. You can customize your mug with a big Hollywood style signature, a quick doodle or an elaborate drawing. However the spirit moves you. Just draw your design on the mug with a Sharpie permanent marker, then pop it in a 350° F oven for 30 minutes.

4. Label your toothbrush’s expiration date with a Sharpie Marker so you know exactly when it’s time for a new one.

Toothbrushes are perfect breeding grounds for germs, bacteria and fungus. You should toss yours every three months. Write the toss by date on your toothbrush with a Sharpie permanent marker. You’ll never stare at an old toothbrush wonder how long you’ve been using the thing ever again.

5. Get rid of dark spots from dead pixel on your LCD screens with a Sharpie Marker.

Have a dark spot or two on your smartphone, table or laptop screen? Those dark spots are the result of dead pixels stuck to the screen. You can get rid the dark spots  by working the dead pixels to the margins and out of view. Turns out Sharpie® Fine Tip Permanent Marker SAN30001 are sized just right for the job. You can find details on repairing LCD screens with a Sharpie massage at Lifehacker.

Got a great new use for your Sharpie® Fine Tip Permanent Marker SAN30001? Share your ideas in the comments.

Sources: LifeHacker, The Sharpie Blog

Sharpie® Fine Tip Permanent Marker SAN30001 Review

Rating 5 stars (5 / 5 stars) by Anonymous

Sharpie® Fine Tip Permanent MarkersI have been an avid Sharpie user my entire life. From labeling clothes in college so roommates don’t steal them, to labeling files in my office, Sharpies are always the perfect marker for just about any occasion. I actually just used them this morning to label my son’s pool toys. I always like to keep a box of these on hand because I am always in need of a Sharpie. I’ve tried to the imitations, but alas, nothing works as well as the original!

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