DIY Plant Tags with Waterproof Shipping Labels or Plastic Label Tape

Spring in the garden, potting flowers

We got an interesting question at On Time Supplies recently: can you use plastic DYMO label tape as plant tags? Seemed like a good idea to us! But we called our DYMO rep just to confirm that a strip of plastic label tape makes a great plant tag. While DYMO LetraTag Plastic Label Tape is not absolutely waterproof, it is durable enough to weather a season outdoors in your garden.

Don’t own a DYMO Label Maker? Well first of all, now is a great time to buy one! Or you can use another brand of laminated label tape, such as Brother TZe Series Labels, or even weatherproof shipping labels, to DIY plant tags. Weatherproof labels are tough enough to remain intact and legible through inclement weather.  Just slap your shipping labels on a pot, or fold them over a stake.

Recommended Weatherproof Shipping Labels for your DIY Plant Tags:

3M Permanent Adhesive White Weatherproof Address Labels Universal® Weatherproof Permanent Adhesive Labels Avery® WeatherProof™ Durable Labels
3M Weatherproof Address Labels Universal® Weatherproof Adhesive Labels Avery® WeatherProof™ Durable Labels

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