Holiday travel tips: see the best online Thanksgiving travel tip guide.

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that the holiday season is upon us. With the joy of the holidays comes the stress of holiday travel. Office Ink is here to help with travel tips. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or car our holiday travel safety tips, air travel tips and travel packing tips will ensure your Thanksgiving travel trip is safe, comfortable and fun. As you make your holiday travel plans, use Office Ink travel tip guide to pack for your Thanksgiving travel trip.

Holiday Travel Safety Tips

Our Office Ink holiday travel safety tips are all about being prepared. In fact, you can consider this as an addendum to our travel packing tips. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, include these items in your Thanksgiving travel bag

  • Travel first aid kits – I like the mini first aid kits by Johnson & Johnson because they are small enough to fit in any purse or carry on luggage. Plus, they contain everything a personal first aid kit should: antiseptic wipes, Tylenol and bandages.
  • Sanitizer wipes – I pack Purell hand sanitizer wipes in my holiday travel bag instead of hand sanitizer gel for a couple reason. First, you usually can’t bring liquids on flights. Secondly, sanitizer wipes really give your hands a nice clean feeling.
  • Road Atlas – A United States road atlas is cheaper than GPS and just as handy if you get lost.

Air Travel Tips

While air travel is fast and convenient, it’s often annoying. These Office Ink air travel tips will help Thanksgiving travel less of a trial.

  • Luggage Tags – Unless your luggage is covered in pink polka dots or some other unusual pattern, the brighter and more distinctive your luggage tags, the better. You can can even make your own personalized luggage tags with a bit of colored construction paper, a permanent marker. Making personalized luggage tags is a great pre-holiday travel craft project for kids.
  • Rolling luggage and luggage carts: You’ll probably have to run through the airport like O.J. Simpson at some point during your air travels, so make it easy on yourself with wheeled luggage or a luggage cart. I like to use rolling laptop cases as carry on luggage.

Travel Packing Tips

Office Ink can’t show you how to fold a holiday sweater down to the size of a pack of playing cards. Our travel packing tips is a checklist of the things you don’t want to start your Thanksgiving travel trip without.

  • Healthy snacks: Save money and calories and carry healthy snacks – like mixed nuts, Chex Mix, and diced veggies – in Ziploc bags to munch on while traveling for the holidays.  You can also jazz up bottled water with powder drink mixes.
  • Cheap digital cameras – Cheap digital cameras are more easier to find than ever, so you can afford to capture all your great Thanksgiving travel memories in holiday photos.
  • Digital camera cases – Of course, you don’t want to have to replace your digital camera at any price, so pack your digital camera in a digital camera case.
  • USB car charger – Keep you iPod, phone and other mobile devices fully charged with an inexpensive USB car charger.
  • Noise canceling headphones – Noise canceling headphones are great for drowning out a snoring seat mate in a plane or train, or squabbling kids on a car trip. Unless you’re the driver, of course. Then you might just have to threaten to turn this car right around.

Office Ink hopes this guide helps you have a great Thanksgiving travel experience. If you’re an experienced traveler with holiday travel tips to share, let us know. Post your travel tips in the comments of this post. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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