How to Prevent Computer Keyboard Keys From Fading

Working on an older laptop or keyboard. Office Ink found three great tips for preventing computer keys from fading.

Fellowes Customer Keyboard Cover

Use a keyboard cover to stop keys from fading.

Custom keyboard covers provide the most key protection and the most professional appearance. With a custom keyboard cover, you get protection for dust and spills, as well and key fading.

Use clear nail polish to stop computer keyboard keys from fading.

You can use clear nail polish as a low key varnish to protect your keyboard keys as well. Use a keyboard cover to protect your keyboard keys

Prevent computer keyboard keys from fading with packing tape.

You can also DIY your own custom keyboard cover with packing tape. All you have to do is position the tape over the keys, then use a razor blade to cut the excess from around the keys. You don’t even have to cover all the keys. You can just stick to the most commonly used letters: E,T,A,O,I,N.

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