Listen While You Work. Here’s Some Help Choosing Headphones.

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Some like a little noise while they work, for others, it’s essential to their day. Perhaps Katy Perry helps you focus on spreadsheets, or maybe a little Bach helps the hours fly by. Whatever your needs, On Time Supplies has some tips on what headphone types you should look at.

When deep listening is preferable at your desk go with over ear style headphones.

Over ear headphones are great for when you want to listen to something in greater detail or if you need to simply drown out the office noise with some Art of Noise.

AmpliVox’s Deluxe Stereo Headphones offer the ability to adjust between Monaural and stereo sources in addition to focusing on comfort during long listening sessions with its leatherette cushioning over a sturdy steel frame. Kensington’s Noise Canceling Headphones are also worth a look sporting an additional microprocessor designed to further filter out background noise. (The microprocessor requires a AAA battery.)

Sometimes you need to keep a low profile. Ear buds are what you need.

Ear buds are great for listening to your favorite songs while, at the same time, not calling too much attention to yourself for doing so. You can easily keep one ear free so that your favorite tune doesn’t tune you out of your workspace completely.

Another benefit to ear buds is the relative ease and quickness with which you can use and remove them, a benefit you will not find in over ear types. Ear buds perform best for those who are moderately mobile and whose attention is frequently called on throughout the day.

RCA’s Noise Isolating Ear Buds are a great no fuss option. The ear buds have an in-line mic with call answering and ending options. These are great for those who need to frequently be on calls but look to fit in some music listening in between.

For all the movers and shakers, you can’t lose with Bluetooth headphones.

If you’re rarely at your desk and find yourself constantly on the go, or maybe just don’t like wires, then Bluetooth headphones are for you. Sure you have to charge them, but these types of headphones make up for that need with increased freedom and mobility. Just make sure you don’t lose them in all the hustle and bustle! Bytech’s Bluetooth Headphones offer the best of both worlds in terms of over ear comfort and Bluetooth portability.

Let us know below what music helps you focus best at work and what headphones you use to listen to it.

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