Make Professional Report Binders with Universal View Binders.

make-a-report-binder-with-universal-view-binders-unv20962Making a presentation at work or school? A professional looking report binder keeps your reference materials organized and helps you stand out. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on your report binder. You just need an inexpensive Universal View Binder UNV20962 and a set of index dividers.


Universal View Binders have a clear insert on the cover and spines so you can customize them. While Microsoft Word, Open Office  and other popular word processing software have templates you can use to create a binder cover, we recommend use binder templates at Avery provides templates for binder covers, spines and index dividers, so you can give your report binder a seamless, professional look. Binder cover and spine sizes are standard, so you can use any Avery binder templates for with Universal binders. Check out our Avery Template post for more info on using Avery downloads to customize your index dividers.

Once you customize your Universal Binders and Index Dividers, you’ll have an eye-catching, easily referenced report binder.

Round Ring Economy Vinyl View Binder, 1" Capacity, White Universal® Table of Contents Dividers for Printer Universal® Economy Self-Tab Index Dividers
Round Ring Economy Vinyl View Binder, 1″ Capacity, White Universal® Table of Contents Dividers for Printer Economy Tab Dividers, 8-Tab, Letter, White, 24 Sets/Box


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