Office Safety: winterize your office to protect your floors, guests & business.

Winter months bring messy winter weather. Office Ink can’t offer you better advice than “bundle up” to stay warm, but we can give you some tips on keeping your business safe, clean and neat through the onslaught of messy weather.

Invest in a good floor mat to protect hard floors and carpets from winter snow.

The best way to keep the floors in your office free of corrosive – and slippery – snow melt is to invest in a good floor mat. If the entrances to your business is covered, or if your building has a vestibule, you can go with an outdoor floor mat. Crown makes  great outdoor floor mats your guests can use to remove snow and debris from their shoes. You’ll need a good indoor floor mat if you don’t have a covered entrance or vestibule. Again, Crown has you covered with attractive, effective indoor floor mats. For more tips on floor mat selection, check out the floor mat guide in the Knowledge Base.

Don’t wait to vacuum tracked in salt and debris.

If your office is carpeted, winter is a good time to invest in a good vacuum cleaner. You and your guest will track salt and debris into your business. Get a vacuum cleaner that will pick it all up in a single pass. This lightweight Electrolux vacuum cleaner is designed with commerial cleaning in mind. It picks up debris so well, they use it in hospitals. Once again, offers great prices on Electrolux vacuums. Best of all, you get free same day shipping if you order online now.
These discount office supplies and cleaning products from will keep your office safe and looking good all winter long.

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