Tip: Use Microfiber Mop & Ammonia to Clean Salt Residue on Floors.


With winter snows and ice comes salt. And with salted parking lots, walk ways and door ways comes the ugly salt residue on your floors. Worse still, salt is not only unsightly, it’s corrosive. Regular cleaning is essential to protect your floors through the long winter months.

Best mop for cleaning up salt & snow melt.

Microfiber mops are your best choice for cleaning messy winter floors. They are the most absorbent, so you’ll actually pick up the dirty water  instead of spreading it around and pushing it into grout.  Don’t have a microfiber mop? Use a few towels to dry your floors after mopping. You’ll never get rid of the residue if you allow your floors to air dry.

Best floor cleaner for salt & snow melt.

Ammonia-based floor cleaners do the best job of cleaning up that ugly white salt residue left on floors. Ammonia neutralizes, or lowers the pH level of salt. This halts the corrosive effects, and dissolve the chemical bond between the salt and your floor.  To make your own floor cleaning solution, use two tablespoons of ammonia and one tablespoon of borax for every one gallon of water.

Clean salt residue from your floors as soon as possible. Salt destroys floor finishes, first creating a sticky mess that attracts dirt before dissolving completely.

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