Backyard Barbeque Checklist: Pick up 4th of July decorations and more at

The 4th of July is still a few days away, but I can already taste my mom’s potato salad & ribs. My contribution to my family’s backyard barbeque will be comparatively modest; I’ll be manning the blender at the daiquiri station. Far away from the actual grilling is the best place for me!

Use the Backyard Barbeque Checklist to ensure your 4th of July party is a success!

Planning a backyard barbeque for the 4th? Office Ink doesn’t want you to have to leave the party to go to the store because you guys ran out of napkins.  We want you at the backyard barbeque, eating way too much red meat.  Use our checklist & you won’t forget anything.

1.  4th of July decorations: balloons, a nice flag and festive disposable tablecloths are all you need.
2.  Plenty of folding chairs.
3.  Disposable plates and bowls, plastic cutlery, disposable cups, paper napkins and serving utensils
4.  Plastic food containers for leftovers

You know, you can skip the big crowds & long lines at the grocery store and pick up 4th of July decorations and other last minute supplies at will get your order to you fast — typically in just 24-48 hours. Or you can pick up your backyard barbeque supplies at on their 70 nationwide distribution centers. Check out the list for the warehouse near you.

Have a great backyard barbeque and Independence Day weekend!

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