Best Memorial Day Barbecue Sauce Recipe.


With Memorial Day coming up, all I can think about is the all the good eating I am going to do this weekend. That’s because I have the best barbecue sauce recipe ever. And you’re in luck because I’m willing to share it. Ok, it’s not my barbecue sauce recipe. Credit where credit is due — I discovered Kathy’s Award Winning Barbecue Sauce Recipe at last Memorial Day, and it was the best thing I put in my mouth ’til Thanksgiving.

I’ve made this sweet and spicy barbecue sauce recipe for chicken, pork and beef, and it is delicious on all three. I pretty much follow the instructions exactly as written, because Kathy has won awards for her barbecue sauce recipe and I have not. I have left out the liquid smoke before, and while the sauce is still pretty tasty, but not as tasty.

You can find the complete barbecue sauce recipe here (warning: video automatically starts at link, so turn the volume down if you are sneakily researching barbecue sauce recipes at work.)

Do you have a can’t miss barbecue sauce recipe? I love Kathy’s, but after an entire summer of it, I am willing to branch out a bit. If you’ve got a great barbecue sauce recipe, post it in the comments and we’ll share it on our Facebook page.


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