Fun Cold and Rainy Day Art Projects for Kids

As I watch the news in the morning, I take [cold] comfort in the weather forecasts of other cities. Sure, it’s cold enough to want to die here in Chicago, but hey, it’s not much better in New York or Kansas City, and it’s always worse in Alaska. Misery loves company, it’s true. I also enjoy fantasizing about living some place warmer. It is a cruel 15 degrees outside in Chicago today, and the wind is blowing so cold and so hard that every resident of the city has to wonder, why not California? Or Florida? Or, while we’re dreaming, Acapulco?

Beach fantasies aside, most of us aren’t going to pack up and move, so we have to come up with coping strategies. This can be extra challenging for parents. Some days, it’s just too cold for your kids to wear themselves out outside. When it’s too cold for your kid to go out and play, take a page out of her teacher’s book and hit up the websites of art and craft suppliers for fun indoor projects!

Crayola offers projects using everything from crayons to clay. This finger-painted greeting card project is my favorite because though it’s designed for kids, the results are more attractive than some of the stuff you see for sale on Etsy! In addition to all the art and craft projects, the Crayola site also features enough free coloring pages to occupy your kids on every winter and rainy day of their childhood!

Pacon also offers projects in a range of mediums. I love their construction paper Mola textile project! The mess is easily taken care of with a broom or vacuum cleaner, and it’s a great way to start a conversation about other cultures!

The Prismacolor site has a lot on offer for older kids. If your teen is a budding artist, she’ll love tips and techniques from professional artists on getting the most from her art pencils and markers. The Prismacolor site also features a gallery guaranteed to inspire!

It’s probably too much to much to hope your kids will put down the TV remote and video game controllers forever. Still art projects offer one more great way of keeping your kids occupied during the long winter months, and fostering your kids creativity is not a bad bonus!

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